Monday, June 30, 2008

Way to go Titan Boy!

On Saturday Titan Boy competed in our neighborhood Best Athlete Challenge. I was so proud of him for even entering once he found out it wasn't a gag! 8 sporting events in 5 hours! He started the event with 35 to 1 odds on winning. Now, the odds were right on! He came in 8th place, even below the guy who dropped out half way through! I felt bad for him but he did win 3 hours with a personal trainer, which he is obviously going to take advantage of. Now he is motivated to kick butt next year! Which of course means he wants me in on the action! (And I could stand to get in better shape!) SO today I bought him a present.....Wii Fit! We are gonna play video games to lose weight and get in shape. How crazy does that sound? The manager of the video game store swears it works, her son lost 12 lbs with it so there must be hope for us "old" people!

I will keep you posted on our progress! Don't laugh if I pull a muscle playing video games!
Tahoe Girl

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm New At This...

So as you can tell my traveling has picked up to a crazy level! I went about 8 years in between airplane trips until April when I have been traveling monthly ever since. So needless to say I had never used a park and ride lot. You know the ones, park, pay a fortune to leave your car and come back when your trip is over. Last time I traveled (pre mini tahoes) you just parked at the airport and walked on in!

So I decide at 4:30am which lot to use and I pull in. I notice the bus sitting up front waiting for the people to get in. I think ohh I can do this! I park my monogrammed tahoe, grab my luggage and start the journey to the bus. As I am walking down my aisle another bus starts coming down the aisle and she is honking at me. I am annoyed but move out of the way thinking that is why she is honking. So I weave through a couple aisles of cars and there she is again honking at me! At this point I am totally annoyed. How rude to honk at someone for walking down the aisles with her big ol suitcase.

SO I finally make it to the bus up front, the driver opens the door and as I am about to board says" I'm out of service, didn't you hear that other bus honking at you? She was trying to pick you up!" I am mortified. I know realize this poor driver has been following me trying to get my attention! SO I stand and wait for her to come back to get me and when she opens the door she says (With a bus full of business men laughing) "Let me guess, you have never done this before!"

Turns out (which I have done everytime since) your supposed to park, grab your luggage and wait by your car until they come around to get you!

See you learn something every day!
Tahoe Girl

Friday, June 27, 2008

SO Far Behind...

I know it has been forever since I posted. It has been crazy, I have been traveling and shuffling kids every which way!

The Dallas Show was fun but not really great in sales. I met some really great people! You can learn so much just hanging out at a trade show! (Good, bad and who wants to hook up with who!) Really, it's like an adult singles bar in many ways. I did not partake as Titan Boy and my's anniversary was last week, I thought that might be a little rude!

Once I was back I had to deal with employee issues. Now I am a few employees shorter than when I started but what do you do? (Don't be the boss, it can be the worst part of owning your own business) We are not to busy right now so hopefully I can get caught up before the back to school rush starts in a few weeks!

I will share more stories from the road later. Just wanted to post that I hadn't disappeared!
Tahoe Girl

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Explain this one...

Okay, I was faced with a math dilemma today see if you can help....

Why was it cheaper for me to buy a new printer ($30) at Walmart here in Dallas tonight than it was to get all my stuff printed at K**ko's? How's that for going green? I need to do some serious catalog updates before the show starts on Friday and the copy place would cost over $75??? That's crazy, so now I have another little printer that will go home with me in my suitcase!

The rental car goddess was shining on me today as well! After the last time I rented a car and ended up with the giant marshmallow, I totally expected a Mercury Mistake (Mystique) or something with only 3inches of leg room. But NO! I am driving a CHERRY RED MUSTANG! This is tons of fun and I hope I don't get a couple of tickets while I'm here....

Tahoe Girl

Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

What happened to the lazy days of summer they are all talking about in those commercials? There is nothing lazy about my summer so far! This week is especially CRAZY! Mini Tahoe #1 has 2 swim meets, 2 baseball games and 3 days of golf camp! I leave on Wed. morning for Dallas again and Titan Boy leaves Wed morn for Indy. Really, you would think we were really important as busy as we are! Thank goodness mini#2 and #3 don't have activities yet! What will I do when they have equally crazy schedules? Oh, I know, I will just add a pop up camper to my monogrammed Tahoe. Maybe I will get a pink one! And of course it will be monogrammed too! Along with everything inside it! Then we could just park every night at the location where one of us has to be at first! I think this is a fabulous idea!!! We could sell our house and other car and just live in parking lots!
We would be such a close family since we will be sleeping in triple bunkbeds traveling circus style and all!
What do you think? Isn't it a great idea?
Tahoe Girl

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, today is my birthday! I am turning 34! Woo Hoo! OK maybe not so much but I have lots of friends coming over tonight to help me celebrate! Bring on the margaritas! In honor of my 34th birthday I thought I would share 34 things you did not know about me....
1. I have lived in the same city for all 34 years but 2.
2. I went to the same elementary school as the oldest Mini Tahoe is attending.
3. I "secretly" wanted all boys! (not that I don't love the little princess!)
4. I lost my dad to cancer when I was 18.
5. I have only had my heartbroken twice. (But I have broken quite a few!)
6. I have a tattoo of a Disney character on my hip that came out of the 1992 Sears Catalog!
7. My first car was a BMW. (Not as cool as it sounds!)
8. I have a fabulous sister!
9. I had my first kiss when I was 13 on a church rafting trip.
10. I got married in 1998! In 6 days I will celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary.
11. I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl.
12. I go thru 2 pairs of tennis shoes a year.
13. I hate to clean my house (Titan Boy normally does it)
14. I love to iron, it's a stress reliever.
15. I have three dogs and 1 cat (plus the stray that eats in my garage) Oh, yeah and a fish.
16. I still have two years of college left to complete (I plan on going to callege with the kids!)
17. I love Asian Lillies! They are the absolute most beautiful flowers!
18. I have to eat mayonnaise on my chik fil a but I hate mayonnaise in any other setting.
19. I only drink Coke, no Pepsi substitutes for me!
20. I have owned 3 businesses...a photography company, a scrapbook store and now an embroidery company.
21. I was in telecommunications sales before I had kids.
22. My favorite movie is the Ghost and Mr Chicken! I saw it once in elementary school for being student of the week and have loved it ever since.
23. I named the oldest Mini Tahoe after my dad. The second Mini Tahoe after myself. The third Mini Tahoe after the town my grandmother was from.
24. I tried to talk my sister out of naming my niece what she named her cause I didn't like her monogram.
25. I rearranged Mini Tahoe #3's name because the J doesn't work on the right side of a diamond monogram. (Titan boy thought I was crazy but you can't have an embroidery company and a kid with an ugly monogram!)
26. I have friends that I have had for 20 years!
27. My first job was a t McDonalds. Met my best friend there and got my heartbroken there!
28. I have naturally curly hair. I pay to have it straightened once a year!
29. My mom, my sister and I live within a 2 mile triangle of each other.
30. I dream of having an organized life and not the chaos I deal with everyday.
31. I have ADHD. (They diagnosed me when Mini Tahoe #1 was diagnosed)
32. I believe all people are good. It's a character flaw and I get burned by this all the time!
33. I will do anything for my friends, no matter what else is going on in my life!
34. I am truly blessed with an incredible family and fabulous group of friends!

There's a little glimpse into who I am! I am off to get ready to celebrate!
Tahoe Girl Another Year Older

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Herpes, Head Lice and a Broken Nose...

Yes, you read it right all three in one day!

Late last night I started noticing something funny in my throat. So after digging under the sink to find a flashlight, into the bathroom I go to investigate. There they were...blisters on one side of my throat and that area where my tonsils used to be. Funny thing, my throat didn't hurt or anything. SO where do I go next? You got it, Google. Big Mistake. If you google blisters in throat the first thing that pops up is HERPES. I'm not talkin canker sore herpes, I'm talkin super cootie HERPES! I am totally freaked at this point. I have been married for 10 years what the F****! I kept thinkin I'm gonna have to go wake up Titan Boy and kick his arse! Then I continue reading further down the list and there are many other options not quite as bad. Like STRESS! I know nothing about stress let me tell you! I call my aunt who is a nurse and confirm my findings much later and after she laughs alot at my freak out over the big H!

So after a crazy busy day I come and ask the kids how Vacation Bible School was. Usual responses, sassy tahoe "I did crafts, learned songs, and made new friends", red headed macho tahoe "I learned nothing and I am never goin back!" The sassy points out that she has some notes from vbs for mom. I'm skimming when I come to the one titled "Head Lice Infestation". Seriously on day 2 of VBS? What? Now I know that getting head lice is part of having kids and doesn't mean your dirty people but I cannot handle this possiblitly. Sassy Tahoe (cause it was in her class) will be wearing a shower cap to VBS for the rest of the week. End of discussion.

And just when I thought the day was coming to a close...Sassy Tahoe is jumping on the furniture when, you guessed it, she falls and lands flat on her nose! All 35 pounds of her on her nose! She's screamin' and I know the blood is comin so I run for a towel. Then I beat on the back door to tell Titan Boy to get in here and run back to access the situation. Her nose is barely bleeding but is three times it's size. Now, she was already blessed with a nose to begin with but now it's much wider and very swollen. One more call to the nurse in the family and off to bed with motrin and an ice pack she goes! (Broken noses are not fixable unless dislocated or cause breathing probs so we have to wait until some swelling goes down to decide the next step. Plus she says it doesn't hurt anymore.) She overhears me say she is probably going to have 2 black eyes tomorrow and stares wide eyed in the mirror. I then spend the next ten minutes explaining what a black eye is and that it's just a bruise not her eyes turning black!

They say things come in threes, so...(I won't say, I don't want to see what's comin next)
Tahoe Girl

Monday, June 9, 2008


OK so we all know there are some crazy customers out there but i got a strange call from one today...
Me: Good Morning M********S.
Customer: My daughter got a gift from there at her baby shower that has this paper that says to bring it back and have it monogrammed.
Me: Yes m'am, just bring the gift and the certificate and we will take care of that for you.
Customer: Ok, how long is your turn around on something like that.
Me: Our current turnaround is one week.
Customer: Ok then I would like to make an appointment for next Tuesday.
Me: (?) Oh no you just need to bring it in and it will be ready the next week.
Customer: No I would like to make an appoinment for next Tuesday so you can monogram it while I wait. I live in (town about 35 minutes away) and I don't want to drive there twice.
Me: (This is new) I'm sorry m'am we don't make appointments and we don't offer our services that way.
Customer: FINE! (Click)

Seriously? We are not a tire shop or doctors office. In three plus years that was a first! She was actually annoyed at the way we do business. I pride myself in making customer service our top priority but not sure I could have made her happy no matter what!

What are your thoughts, had any crazy customer service run ins lately?
Tahoe Girl

Friday, June 6, 2008

Maybe, Just Once....

Ok, so the evening of organization with The Lawyers Wife has gotten me soo motivated in every aspect. I have now started tackling projects I have been neglecting at home for a very long time. You know the ones, the pictures that need to be framed, the closets that need organizing. All those projects. No the bad part about those projects is that you have to shop for all the stuff to finish the projects. Well actually that is not the bad part but the fun part! So I spent the afternoon just shopping away! I bought closet stuff and laundry room stuff and of course, MORE WHIM! Seriously, I need a 12 step program to get over this addiction! I believe all of it is almost gone from every big T in the country so there is hope for my Visa bill yet!

But here is my current dilemma...why can't I open a home dec magazine and see any ideas that might actually resemble my house? Just once I would like to open the mag and say "wow! that looks like my living room! I can actually put those inspirations into actions!". But NO, I don't live in that house or have any room like that in my house. I have the house with the three kids and the three dogs and the furniture that has more than 30 stab wounds (that is a story for another day!) I have laundry on the floor cause it won't fit in any size basket and the drawer in the kitchen with all the "STUFF" in it. Who lives in those houses, where do you get one?

SO it should be a busy project filled weekend! Lookout Titan Boy your "Honey Do" list is pretty long!

Tahoe Girl on a Celaning Mission

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Much Better Now...

Ok, so I knew my office was messy but....
Yesterday The Lawyer's Wife came by to get some monograms cut and I asked her to come in my office to show her something. Anyway, between my cell phone ringing, the clutter on the desk and the emails taking over my computer every minute or two, she kinda freaked out. "How do you deal with this?" she says.....I don't know, it's always been like this. Maybe that is the reason my life is always in chaos? (Well there are actually very many reasons but this seemed like a good place to start.) So off to The Container Store and Target we went!
Now I should have taken before and after pics but she can tell you just how bad it was.
After some adventures with a hammer, I now have an organized office that I cannot wait to come into! Hopefully I will stop blogging long enough to work in here but it is sooo cute and organized now.
I'm off to do invoices......
Tahoe Girl

P.S. After running back to the Big T again today, I have 2 more cartfuls of stuff! You know the stuff I am talking about...yes...whim! I am having a little gathering for my birthday and just had to make it pink and green! My question is...Do you feel as bad for the stuff you didn't buy still sitting there on the shelf as I do? It is soo hard to walk away from a madras bev. tub and all that other cute stuff!