Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Line Starts Here...

After getting into trouble for blowing his book fair budget, Mini #1 started to give me a serious attitude problem! When I reminded him that he need to "Check his attitude at the door" his reply was....

"I couldn't, the line was too long!"

Yep, thats my boy!
Tahoe Girl

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Stuff...

Please check out THE MONOGRAMMED GIFT's Blog for more great clearance items. We are talking garage sale pricing here and there are some seriously great deals to be had! Shop quick before all the good stuff is gone!

Tahoe Girl

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Urban Legends...

In this modern day of the internet it is very easy to prove something into an urban legend. All you have to do is check out and you will learn that Bill Gates is not sending you money for forwarding an email or that you won't be held hostage cause someone left a piece of paper on your back window. To my luck I have been trying to find out the answer to an urban legend and is no help....

The Urban Legend I am trying to prove true or false?

Clemsongirl's Coach

I have been friends with Clemsongirl for almost a year now and I am beginning to believe that Coach is nothing but a cardboard cutout she inserts in to the Christmas Card Pic every year. I have heard of people meeting him but I have yet to have a true sighting of my own.

Here are a few examples of my "near misses" with Coach...

1. Last 4th of July...we attended the parade with her, he came to the fireworks....
2. Holiday Party....He was away at a Coaches Convention
3. Every picture is only of his INCREDIBLE face
4. The best one...last Sat we attended a baseball game with Clemsongirl and her minis. Coach was in the dugout with his players. The boys kept saying "Look Daddy's waving at us". All I saw was a man leaning over but his face was blocked by the pole of the fence. Then when she took them to the bathroom and I stayed in the stands, HE WAS IN THE BATHROOM! Of course he was...

She swears I can come ring her doorbell anytime and meet him but I am sure the moment I did, he would have just run to the store.....

Tahoe Girl

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Last week I changed the layout on the blog. (What do you think?)

Anyway, in the process I deleted Google Analytic. (OOPS!)

So everyday I have been checking to see how many of my fabulous friends have been checking up on me and the number is a BIG.FAT.ZERO!

It's so depressing. I feel like I am all alone! (Until I figure out how to put it back! HELP CLEMSONGIRL!)

Now that you are getting to see my insecurity in full swing leave me a comment and let me know your here! You don't need to write anything fancy, a smiley face works for me. Just something! I want to know your visiting and until I get the analytic up and running again I have no idea whose stopping by.

Now you know the real me...
Tahoe Girl

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's not gone...just moved...

What was I thinking? This blog is about my crazy family not work. That's the other blog...

So I moved the clearance stuff to my other blog...

Swing by and check it out...there is some great stuff over there on clearance. I will also keep it updated with new products and happenings. So check back often!

Tahoe Girl

His nose is growing...

Littlest Tahoe CANNOT Lie! He is about to turn three and he seems to have discovered how much fun it is to be mischievous. Lately his favorite thing to do is rip out the "pop-ups" in books. This is normally not a big deal, just a mess, until he found Mini#1's new $35 Star Wars pop up book. (side note if you have a star wars fan in your house this book is SOOOO cool!)

He has ripped the top of the ship and separated the Beasts head. Great! Lovely, the best part is he cannot lie about it. When I sat him down to discuss this I asked him if he tore up the book. He immediately says no and then closes his eyes. HE WONT EVEN ATTEMPT TO LOOK ME IN THE FACE! He cannot roll his eyes but he tries really hard and looks everywhere but at me. At the same time he has puckered his lips..half fish face/half pout. He is so cute when he does this that I cannot even attempt to get mad. I just want to grab him up and love all over him.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get mad at this child! He gets away with EVERYTHING!

Do you think he knows this? Has he mastered the art of getting out of trouble already? If so I am SO.SCREWED!

I mean, could YOU get mad at this face?
I just want to kiss that face!
Tahoe Girl

Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Lawyer's Wife has inspired me! She has been cleaning out and posting items for sale on her blog at some GREAT I started looking around and decided why not. It's time for a spring cleaning in the store.

The best part, you will get some GREAT stuff at INCREDIBLE discounts!

I will start posting items tonight and it will be first come, first serve.

Be right back!~
Tahoe Girl

Monday, March 9, 2009

If your looking for me...

I will be the one barely moving probably still sitting in this chair. Why do you ask? Because I thought it would be cool to show a bunch of 8 year old's just how good a baseball player I used to be. What I forgot...I'm not 14 anymore and my body does not move like that either. Ugh! What was I thinking? I will probably cry when I wake up tomorrow morning cause I am pretty sure I have detached some muscles and twisted some joints in ways they shouldn't be but now twelve 8 year old boys think I am awesome cause I can throw you out from center field as your sliding into home!

Next week I am going to teach them all how to slide like a pro...who wants to go ahead and send me some icy hott?

Sore and Smiling!
Tahoe Girl

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Its Damn Hard!

I never thought it would be easy to be a parent. I know they don't come with instructions but I didn't think it would break my heart and make me fuming mad at the same time!

This time of year everyone is getting spring fever and the activity level around hear soars! And of course, I get busier at work. This means this full time working mom starts to feel like she can't handle it anymore. Trying to juggle all of this makes me feel like I am not doing my job as a mom. Homework doesnt get done til the last minute, snacks get left at home, lunch money accounts go negative, it's just plain crazy! And when the kids melt down cause they are tired or hungry I just want to cry. My heart hurts and I feel like I am doing my kids a disservice by working. But not working is NOT an option. They do like to eat and wear clothes so I have to work. It's that simple.

And I am a completely attentive mom! I never miss a school party, a practice a baseball game. I am always team mom for one kid or another and I get to know their friends etc etc!!!

What I am hoping is I know some of you are past this point in life and maybe you can reassure me that your kids turned out normal! That they didn't end up hating you for working or feel deprived cause their mom didn't "stay at home".

I hope when they are older they will respect the fact that I worked and understand why I did it. Many kids I see have no work ethic anymore and if nothing else, they will see that they have to work hard for what you get!

with a heavy heart,
Tahoe Girl

PS I promise tomorrow I will post something funny, cause there have been some funny things going on around here......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Atlanta is much safer now!

Top story on our news tonight...

Even though Atlanta City Police has experienced many layoffs and have had to cut back on personnel they are keeping alerts up to date with Twitter!

Twitter is now the way to keep the city on alert.

I guess warrants and arrests will all be done via text message now.

And all mugshots will be shot with a camera phone.

Glad our safety is at the TOP of the list....
Tahoe Girl

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Party Pooper

I went back and deleted my original post for today because it was lame. Really lame.

When it comes to snow I am a party pooper. I don't like it. Its wet and messy and screws everything up. Most people love the snow, they get all excited when it snows! Me, not so much. Probably because the day in the Tahoe House goes haywire.

Currently there is a pile of hats, gloves and other whatnots for cold weather dumped on my kitchen table. By the end of the day, every single piece will be wet and have run through the dryer at least once. Keep in mind that there is not a matching set in this pile. It's all random.

I have already once today spent 45 minutes getting everyone bundled up so they can go outside and play. They lasted 10 mins each. Then they come in and strip back down, put on different clothes and go find something to do. In about 20 mins they will request bundling again cause they really want to go back outside! My dryer has started it's day long run and there are random peices of clothing hanging everywhere to dry.

Now I know why my mom always drank heavily on snow days....I think I hear the vodka calling...or tequila...maybe I'll get crazy and mix em all together!!!

Buried in a Snowy Pile of Laundry,
Tahoe Girl