Tuesday, July 29, 2008

80's Wild Child......

Your 80s Hunk Is

John Stamos

This is SOOO appropriate after my Sunday visit to the Poison concert (more on that later!)

80"s Girl at Heart!
Tahoe Girl

Thursday, July 24, 2008

just plain fun to read ...

I got this adorable award this week and it is time for me to pass it on. I love to sit down and catch up on my blog reading. It provides me with laughs and giggles and a break from the craziness of running a business and raising three kids. But, I must say some of them are more fun than others. Oh you know the ones, the ones you silently scream "yes" when they post cuz it's just so fun to catch up. Well, here are my picks for passing on the award.

Hair Girl - you truly are just plain fun to read. Who else understands the crazy people we encounter on a daily basis. The doitathomers that want us to fix it all yesterday and charge them basically nothing to do it.

Fill my Subscription - oh you are funny! And I am so glad that I only sell monogramming and do not have to provide people with their drugs. I might have to kill a few if I did!

Green Magsterpie - you have the greatest job and I love reading all about it. Seriously? You get paid to plan parties and the best kind ... outside!

Go ahead girls and pass it on!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Everybody has a hero....

When I was a kid I never missed an episode of Wonder Woman. I wanted to be her so bad! I even had the "underoos" set so every night I would dress like her! How could you not love a woman who had an invisible plane and a magic lasso?

SO fast forward 30 years...I still love Wonder Woman and I still want to be her. Some days I think I am her and try and do too much. (Just without the lasso or the invisible plane) I currently even have the Wonder Woman Theme song as my ring tone (Which drives The Lawyers Wife crazy!) But recently I received the best piece of Wonder Woman a grown woman could ask for...

My own personal Wonder Woman Cape!

Ahh yes, thanks to my VBF Ms Everything Coach, I am now the proud owner of a fabulous cape. Which I have been known to wear around the office on occasion when I need to feel the power...

I think I see a Halloween Costume in the making...anyone got the boots I can borrow?
Tahoe Girl

Preppy Monogrammed GIfts...

Ok I am a sucker for a good deal and The Lawyers Wife is offering FREE SHIPPING thru July 30th over at Monogram Me! Please visit her new site and check out her adorable gifts and monogrammed items! I already have my list started!

Happy Shopping!
Tahoe Girl

Friday, July 18, 2008

8 days and counting....

til I am 5 rows away from my fave hair band leader. Already have the outfit picked out but not sure about the shoes....

I know you never would have guessed this about me but I am a girl from the 80's!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ok, I survived...

It is over. One more carload and it's done! And I am proud to say I only came up with two more etiquette points to share....(I promise these are it until I face another crowd!)

1. When riding an escalator with all your wide arse friends DO NOT STOP at at the top to discuss the plan. There is then a traffic jam created on the escalator as the rest of us have to ride to the top and run into your big arse! Move over to the side and then get your map or book or diagram or whatever is your getting out!
2. The same above rule applies when you come to a four way in between booths. This is not a gathering spot, it's a walkway for people walking! Take you and your friends over to the side so traffic can pass!

Ahh, I feel much better now! Now I can go on about filling all these orders we received and packing up the samples for their new home....a permanent showroom. Yep, hopefully, no more trade shows for me for a very long time (September is a long time right?) I might even bag the one in Sept, well maybe not, it's in Vegas! Good excuse to go right?

The show went well, we had fun, meet new people but are totally exhausted. One thing I should have done was take pics to share some fashion pics with you. I saw the funniest things ever while down there but will share more later.

Just a quick tip to get you started......
Double check how the lighting makes you look in your pants before you leave your hotel room. Better yet ask a friend "Can you see my V-Jay Jay through these pants?"

Yep, that's all I am gonna say for now.....
and The Lawyers Wife can back me up on this one!
Tahoe Girl

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just Plain Tacky

Ok, I pinky swear that I will not spend the next five days griping about trade show bliss if you just hear me out....
I can tolerate a lot! I am very laid back and easy going, that is until I bust you with your camera phone taking pictures of my merchandise so you can go back and make it your self! Have some damn consideration of all the hours I spend researching and creating these fabulous things! Have some respect for other people and don't be so damn RUDE! And don't look shocked when I politely ask you to delete them! The rules say NO CAMERAS for a reason!

I know that there are no original ideas left, i get that! I, myself, cruise the internet or other people's stuff for inspiration. But i do it with respect for your hard work. I don't take your product, take a picture and then do it myself. That's just TACKY!

Just fake it and request a catalog, that has pictures in it, and then copy me when I'm not looking! At least then I don't know you did it! (But your conscious does!)

A little better now but still pissed!
Tahoe Girl

Friday, July 11, 2008

Crowd Etiquette...

As I get psyched for this weekends gift show I thought I would share some crowd etiquette with you that many people obviously don't know.....

1. Treat pathways, sidewalks, whatever just like you do the road when driving...walk to the right side. DO NOT WALK DOWN THE MIDDLE OF AN AISLE SO THAT YOUR DOUBLE WIDE ARSE BLOCKS THE ENTIRE WAY! Same goes for walking on the left side. Treat it like traffic people.

2. When waiting on an elevator please allow the people on it to get off before you try and get on! DO NOT BLOCK the entrance with your big head and then get mad when the people on it step on you trying to get off. Wait patiently for them to disembark the elevator. NO ONE IS LEAVING WITHOUT YOU. (Another elevator note....DO NOT GET MAD AT PEOPLE IN THE BACK WHO WANT TO GET OFF THE ELEVATOR AND YOU HAVE TO MOVE!)

3. If you are a janitorial worker of a large convention center please be aware of the size of your supplies. You too can block up a walkway with your giant trash thingy if you stop in the middle to chit chat with your fellow workers! And keep in mind that a women with 2 suitcases who just walked 3 city blocks and rode an elevator with grumpy self righteous people does not want to play chicken with you to see who gets out of the way first. I'm only polite to a piont and then I will not so kindly tell you to "Get The F**K Out Of My Way!"

4. As I know it can be difficult to park a large vehicle inside the city limits that doesn't mean that the yellow parking lines do not apply to you! Either learn how to park that land yacht (which yes I drive too but I can not only parallel park the mono tahoe I can turn it into a parking space in one shot!) or take public transportation. (If you are a parking attendant I think you should charge these people double!)

I am sure many more helpful tips will come to me over the next 5 days...I will keep you posted!

Tahoe Girl

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Give Me A Cookie!

Tonight Tahoe Girl is beat!

I played "SuperMom" today and spent the whole day with the kids. Just Me!

It started with a trip to Sam's. I know, how exciting, but with 3 kids in tow ya never know how the whole thing is gonna go down.

Then playin some Wii while mini#3 took a quick nap. I am gonna be sore again tomorrow from that WiiFit game I bought but it swears I'll lose weight!

After the clouds passed we were off to the ZOO! I piled them in the Monogrammed Tahoe and off we headed downtown to see the animals. Our zoo is pretty good and since we are members it's cheap entertainment for 2 hours.

There was no one there! We just about had the whole place to ourselves which makes me relieved when i have them all by myself. We saw everything, the animals were all front and center for our viewing pleasure. While this was not mini#3's first visit to the zoo, I think this was the first time he really understood what was happening. In the Gorilla house the momma gorilla came and sat down on the ledge right in front of us (like 2 feet through plexiglass) and ate her snack. He was not real keen on this idea so he tried to hide behind me. He loved the lemurs though and I think I might get him one for his birthday! (just kiddin, I know they are wild animals but they are soo cute and fuzzy!)

The best part was the orangutans. They are always so funny to watch but today was the best. One of the little ones was sitting right at the edge before the "moat" that separates us from them. Being the fun mom that I am I start waving and talking to him like I would any toddler. I was also eating animal crackers. He stares straight out at me and puts his hand out. I look around behind me and then say "Do you want a cookie?" He then nods and puts his hand out again! So at this point how can I refuse? So mini#1 and I start trying to get one across the moat. Turns out if you throw a animal cracker like a frisbee you can get it to go about 12 feet. As soon as it hits the grass he runs and has his snack (after he licks and smells it of course) He then turns and runs up the hill satisfied! The kids thought that was the best part!

We finished seeing all the animals and then headed for the Varsity for dinner. The kids favorite place since they will serve you in the car. Thing hanging on the window and all.

After lots of greasy food we headed home satisfied with our family fun day.

Tonight I will sleep good after seeing the smiles on all three of those little faces!
Tahoe Girl

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th to All!

The Tahoe family spent the morning of the 4th with The Lawyers Wife, Hair Girl and Clemson Girl at a parade! Between us all there were nine kids waving American Flags! Surprisingly no one is missing an eye at this point! Fun was had by all and there was lots to see as it is an election year and everyone was out in FULL force to raise support! Every politician within a ten mile radius was there and they had dragged along all their families and friends too! My favorite part was definitely the Miss "Everythings"! From Tiny Miss State Fair to Big Mrs of the County, they were all there with their parade waves on! Now, I have to say some were perfect at their job but many others missed the memos on how to wave and or dress for this type of event!

After watching most of the parade mini sassy tahoe has decided she wants to be in the parade next year and is ready to hit the pageant circuit if necessary to get her own float in the parade! Oh, this sure sounds like it is going to be lots of fun! Oh, I can't wait! State Fair Pageants here I come! (I know you can hear the excitement in my voice!) She was decked out in full red, white and blue for the event so I am including her pic cause she looked so darn cute!

The afternoon consisted of naps and lounging around, cause since we got up so early to get everyone to the parade on time we were alittle tired. The late afternoon brought swimming at GiGi's and then of course FIREWORKS! GiGi's neighborhood always has a big display on the golf course but one of her neighbors put them to shame this year! He had stuff going on for hours! Big ones, little ones, loud ones and of course some duds but the kids loved it! All of them except mini #3. He was shaking he was scared so bad! When it was all over I turned to him and said "Did you like the fireworks?" Now, he doesn't talk yet cause he is still little but he shook his head so hard to say no that I thought he rattled his own brain!

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy 4th!
Tahoe Girl