Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ok, I survived...

It is over. One more carload and it's done! And I am proud to say I only came up with two more etiquette points to share....(I promise these are it until I face another crowd!)

1. When riding an escalator with all your wide arse friends DO NOT STOP at at the top to discuss the plan. There is then a traffic jam created on the escalator as the rest of us have to ride to the top and run into your big arse! Move over to the side and then get your map or book or diagram or whatever is your getting out!
2. The same above rule applies when you come to a four way in between booths. This is not a gathering spot, it's a walkway for people walking! Take you and your friends over to the side so traffic can pass!

Ahh, I feel much better now! Now I can go on about filling all these orders we received and packing up the samples for their new home....a permanent showroom. Yep, hopefully, no more trade shows for me for a very long time (September is a long time right?) I might even bag the one in Sept, well maybe not, it's in Vegas! Good excuse to go right?

The show went well, we had fun, meet new people but are totally exhausted. One thing I should have done was take pics to share some fashion pics with you. I saw the funniest things ever while down there but will share more later.

Just a quick tip to get you started......
Double check how the lighting makes you look in your pants before you leave your hotel room. Better yet ask a friend "Can you see my V-Jay Jay through these pants?"

Yep, that's all I am gonna say for now.....
and The Lawyers Wife can back me up on this one!
Tahoe Girl


The Lawyer's Wife said...

Ah yes ... the white linen pants girl. I totally forgot about her and her lack of undergarments.

Does she have no friends that will help her out? We definitely didn't ... unless you call pointing helping!


Mom on the Run said...

Doesn't dealing with the general public just leave you feeling exhausted? I always wonder how some people make it through the day.