Saturday, May 30, 2009


As I have mentioned we have entered into deathcon 4 around here, in many households it's just called potty training but not in the Tahoe household. It's just plain bad!

Bad because he is the third child and I kinda don't care if he goes to Kindergarten in a diaper in two years. He will only do it once.

Bad because I don't want to visit every bathroom in every place we go.

Bad because I forget to go myself how am I going to remind him every ten minutes?

I do know he's ready and smart enough. He is just messing with me at this point and here is how I know this....

Picture It....GiGi's Kitchen....Friday 7:30pm....Cutie Tahoe has managed to arrive in a dry diaper, wear a bathing suit for almost an hour, never enter the pool and is still all dry.....He is standing in front of her pantry and I hear......UH-OH (which is never good).......I turn around and all I see is a river on the I run grab him and say "Stop and let's go sit on the potty" which he replies...."No, I done now, can I have new pants?"

My silver lining in this story...atleast he said Uh-oh!

Tahoe Girl

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What if?

What if I talked to people the way they talked to me?

What if I lied to people the way they lie to me?

What if I let people down the way people let me down?

What if I hurt people's feelings like people hurt mine?

What if I thought I was a better person, parent, friend, business woman, wife than other people?

What if I was as judge mental as other people?

What if...?

But here's the thing....I'm not! I am NONE of those things and because of that fact I am always the person who gets mistreated, lied to, let down, my feelings hurt, questions myself and gets judged. Because I LOVE with my WHOLE heart and want to see the good in every human being I get trampled on and taken advantage of! I get lied to and walked all over!

The truth? As much as it hurts and upsets me, I don't want to be anything different. I am me and I love who I am! I am an obnoxiously optimistic person and know that there is always a silver lining to every cloud! There will always be sunshine around the corner if I look hard enough! I am just like my grandfather, if he had twenty dollars and only needed ten he would give away the other ten just cause someone else needed it more than him. He was a ray of sunshine on every cloudy day! I am proud to be that kind of person. As much as I don't want them to get hurt, I want my children to be like me.

Because what I have that those people don't, is to know what it is like to love with your whole heart! And as much as it hurts when it gets broken, it's worth every minute just to have felt it!

Tahoe Girl

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love summer vacation!

I love the fact that I can throw the older two kids outside with the neighbor kids and tell them to play until it's too dark to see!

The reason I needed them outside?....Mother In Law coming over in T-12 hours and I have to clean this S**THOLE up! There is CRAP everywhere! Remember I have been busy at work which means I have not been busy at home!

Funny thing though, she will now be coming every Thursday so I guess every Wednesday night I will be doing the flight of the bumble bee cleaning routine. Which includes dusting, spraying febreeze everywhere and picking up various piles of crap. If your bored and want to come help I'll send you directions!

My evening was topped off with this little cutie from Sassy Tahoe (who was all sweaty from playing outside)....

"Let's see who can get upstairs faster, you or me...and don't gotta get a Hello Kitty banana-daid for my little toe cause I made it bleed playing baseball with the boys!"

Oh how I love summer!
Tahoe Girl

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i see the light...

at the end of the graduation/teacher gift whatever whatever whatever tunnel.

I am almost done being belittled by people who think they are the reason I get up in the morning.

I am almost through the sea of towels and blankets waiting for a name added to them.

I am almost done with swimteams and baseball teams.

Then you get your Tahoe Girl back.

You don't want this one.

She is tired and irritable and her favorite word is "NO!"

It will be soon and then Stressed Out Tahoe Girl will go back in the closet til October when she will re-emerge with her tinsel in a tangle for the holiday season.....

Can't wait can ya?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Miss Me?

I know you are wondering where did Tahoe Girl go? Well its graduation and end of the year and I am working like a crazy woman these days! But there is tons of stuff going on around the Tahoe household so I will update you shortly! May is actually crazier than Christmas around here so I might be in and out for the next few weeks but I will drop in with a giggle or two when I can...

Your first giggle........

Tahoe Girl