Monday, December 21, 2009


Five days before Christmas and I get hit by the freight train also know as "The Flu".

It sucks and I can do nothing without needing a nap first!

So just in case I completely go mad this week from fever and back pain and three over excited kids...

Tahoe Girl

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It has happened...

Tonight I forced  took the family get their pictures made. It is the 10th of December and I was yet to have the perfect card pic!

I was prepared for screaming and crying and tantrums from Titan Boy the kids.

But this is what I got instead....

Seriously! No Tears or Screaming or Tantrums!

Aren't we cute???

This is not the card pic though, that one is another post for another day!

Happy Photo Day!
Tahoe Girl


With all the holiday chaos going on I have had alittle bloggers block lately. I have always admired how easy it seemed for others to come up with great ideas and tell the perfect story. I read blogs and think, "I am that funny and witty".

Notsomuch lately!

So I googled "blog ideas". I just knew there would be great ideas out there to jump start my creativity.

Y'all, if I blog about their ideas each one of you is going to run screaming away or just fall asleep with boredom.

Here is an example of some topics they suggested....

1. Read the front page of the newspaper and comment about a current event. (Read the newspaper? Yeah, like I have time for that! Unless it is reported in the Hollywood Buzz report in the radio I dont know a thing about current events.)

2. Discuss the fact that the economy is going to turn around any day now! (Really, if me blogging about the economy getting better might actually help then damn straight I will blog about it everyday. No one will read it but I will do it!)

3. Start a debate. (yeah debates are a daily thing at my house, I dont need to start a debate with anyone else thankyouverymuch!)

Do y'all really want to read about that junk? I dont! I turn to my blog friends for a glimpse into other chaotic lives to remind me how normal I am. To help make me feel a little less crazy. If i wanted a nap I would watch the History Channel.

So instead I will just suffer in silence with bloggers block. Hopefully y'all will still be around when I am funny and witty again!
Tahoe Girl

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Somehow I have got to find the balance between work and home. Right now everything is off balance which causes mass chaos around here.

For example...
The bads are not made, dishwasher needs emptying, laundry needs to be done/put away, floors swept, christmas card made/sent, presents need to be wrapped, etc etc etc

But honestly the only thing I want to balance at the moment is a pint of Haagen Daz whilst lounging on the sofa watching daytime tv...

So like me, what are putting off?
Tahoe Girl

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Winners are announced!

Go check The Monogrammed Marketplace to see if you won the
12 Days of Christmas Gifts Giveaway!

There are LOTS of winners!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Let the Madness Begin!

I cannot believe there are only 20 days of Christmas shopping left.
Guess I should start shopping!

Funny thing about it is, I DO NOT want to buy these kids anything. Now don't jump all over me and say it is Christmas and they deserve, need, want a bunch of crap. I know that, but seriously that crap is still all over my house from last year!

Titan Boy and I had a present discussion last night and he wants me to buy them all clothes. His theory is they will get pissed and start taking care of their stuff. Somehow, I seriously doubt it.

So what do you get kids who already  have too much and dont pick it up?

Here are some of the ideas I have.....Gift Certificates to the Container Store, a box of BIG BLAck trash bags, Yard Sale signs, Off Site Storage Containers......

What are your thoughts? Can you think of anything I need to add to the list?
Happy Friday!
Tahoe Girl

PS The kids always get the goodstuff so I am thinking I will get that stuff for Titan boy and myself this year, whatcha think honey (he reads my blog and even comments!) wanna high powered nerf rifle with a million bullets? I want the Barbie Dream House with matching ferrari....hint hint

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Shopping Giveaway

There are only 4 more days to enter the
"12 Days of Christmas Shopping Giveaway!"
All 12 products have been added and there are some great items on there.
I am giving away one of each of the items!
That is 12 freebies!

Become a Follower of The Monogrammed Marketplace to enter!
Leave me a comment to let me know you are entered in the drawing.

The giveaway ends Sunday night promptly at 6pm.
Drawing Monday Morning.

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!
Tahoe Girl

Just NOT my day!

Tonight I am having a Holiday Open House.

I have sent approx 600 email invites.

My house is trashed.

I have product yet to make.

I overslept.

I have a sick kid and a sick hubby!

This is just not gonna be my day!

Tahoe Girl