Thursday, December 10, 2009


With all the holiday chaos going on I have had alittle bloggers block lately. I have always admired how easy it seemed for others to come up with great ideas and tell the perfect story. I read blogs and think, "I am that funny and witty".

Notsomuch lately!

So I googled "blog ideas". I just knew there would be great ideas out there to jump start my creativity.

Y'all, if I blog about their ideas each one of you is going to run screaming away or just fall asleep with boredom.

Here is an example of some topics they suggested....

1. Read the front page of the newspaper and comment about a current event. (Read the newspaper? Yeah, like I have time for that! Unless it is reported in the Hollywood Buzz report in the radio I dont know a thing about current events.)

2. Discuss the fact that the economy is going to turn around any day now! (Really, if me blogging about the economy getting better might actually help then damn straight I will blog about it everyday. No one will read it but I will do it!)

3. Start a debate. (yeah debates are a daily thing at my house, I dont need to start a debate with anyone else thankyouverymuch!)

Do y'all really want to read about that junk? I dont! I turn to my blog friends for a glimpse into other chaotic lives to remind me how normal I am. To help make me feel a little less crazy. If i wanted a nap I would watch the History Channel.

So instead I will just suffer in silence with bloggers block. Hopefully y'all will still be around when I am funny and witty again!
Tahoe Girl

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