Thursday, February 25, 2010

Best if by....

I just returned from the horrible chore of grocery shopping. I really do despise grocery shopping.

It takes forever and then I have to unload it (yes, Titan Boy helps!), put it away, clean out fridge/pantry and then cook it, clean up after it etc etc etc etc..

But I obviously have been skipping some of the above steps lately, particularly cleaning out the pantry.

There was some seriously OLD stuff in there! Stuff I didn't even realize went bad!

I mean, who knew that the two cans of Beef Broth should have been used by 12/12/2005? (Not sure what I would even use beef broth for?) Or that crushed pineapple doesn't last forever (exp. 2008)?

One thing is for sure in the Tahoe Household, Mac and Cheese will NEVER expire!

Next up, the spice cabinet!
Tahoe Girl

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adventures with Mom, part 2

Let me pick up where I left off.....

The funeral is over so Mom and I hop back into the Electric Blue Beetle Convertible to head back home. We find our way out of the cemetery with no issue and I think we are home free...

Then the conversation became this...
Mom: "Is he pulling me over?"
Me: As I look in the side mirror and see the blue lights right on our tail, "Yes Mother, he wants you to pull over thats what the lights right on your ass mean"
Mom: "But I didnt do anything"
Me: "Doesnt matter, PULLOVER!"

Finally she pulls over and immediately starts flailing around looking for her purse...

Me: "Mom, be still and quiet or hes gonna think your crazy and SHOOT US!"
Mom: "But i cant find my purse!"
Me: :Just sit still and when he gets here we can find it!"

SO Mom rolls down ALL THE WINDOWS! Every one (I was surprised she didnt put the damn top down too!) Did I mention it's freezing outside?

So Mr City of Left Of Nowhere Policeman starts walking up to the window on my side of the car. Guess it was safer cause I was on the passenger side but whatever I put on my sweet and innocent smile and wait for him to arrive at my door....

Mr. Policeman: "Ma'am, do you know why I pulled you over this fine morning?" (To me but remember I am NOT driving!)
ME: "No sir I sure don't!"
Mr Policeman: "When you went past me you were not wearing your seat belt...."

I immediately look down to check and seatbelt was on and had been on the whole time, it was alittle under the lapel of my coat but it was on..

Me: "Sir, my seat belt is on and is always on and since I have three kids I always wear my seatbelt so I can set a good example for them" (Yes, I really said that! What a suckup I am!)
Mr. P: "Well, ummmmmm, I see that, ummmmm, can I see your id?"


SO I reach in my purse and mom finally locates hers and we both go to hand them to him, he takes mine and not hers, he actually refuses hers!

Mr. P: "So Miss Tahoe your from city south of here? (insert cheesy grin here) What are you doing all the way up here?"
ME: (not catching on the come on) "a funeral"
Mr. P: (still smiling) I missed that, come again?"
ME: a funeral....for a family member, at the national cemetery.........(at this point he is just smiling and staring)

Mr. P: "Oh, ok, ummmmmm, well have a nice afternoon! (Hands me my id and slowly turns and gets back in his car!)

At this point I am dumbfounded, what the heck was that all about, and then I realized, HE WAS HITTING ON ME! He pulled us over to check me out! OMG, I almost died laughing cause he was not exactly my type (I mean call me picky but I like my men to have all their bottom teeth, in order and NOT the color of chewing tobacco!) My mom is still stunned that he never looked at her ID or even acknowledged her existence! For all he knew a gorilla was driving that buggy cause he only had eyes for me!

Being that my mom drives a very obvious car and all our family was behind us getting on the highway, I called my sister to make sure she hadnt seen us and gotten worried! After telling her the whole story she says to me in her attorney voice: "When he asked you why you were all the way up there you should have told him that its a F*****G Free Country, and you can go anywhere you damn well please and he can't do a F*****G thing about it?"

Um yeah, that's exactly what I said to him.....
Told you it was an adventure!
Tahoe Girl

Friday, February 19, 2010

Adventures with Mom... Part 1

Anytime I go ANYWHERE with my mother it turns into an adventure of SERIOUS proportions....

Yesterday we had to attend a funeral for a family member. This should be a somber post talking about the beautiful Military Service with a Marine Honor Guard, 21 Gun Salute and Taps but that is not the part I'm talking about....

This is...

After Titan Boy and Mini #3 left yesterday morning it was too early for me to get ready so I decided to watch the Today show and catch up on some Olympic highlights...which also means I fell asleep. OUT COLD sitting up on my bed in my bathrobe. Woke up at 9:45am with Mom picking me up at 10am. YEs I had only fifteen minutes to shower, dry my hair etc etc etc.We only left ten minutes off schedule so I figured we couldnt be too far off the plan....I was wrong...

The cemetery was more than 40 minutes North of my house in the middle of nowhere, next to left of the end of the world. And or course the address we entered into the GPS was not correct..After trying to turn the wrong way on a one way street, driving straight into oncoming traffic we finally turnaround and get on the right road. We are not twenty feet down said road when the GPS chimes "You have arrived at your destination". We were between 2 trailer parks, no cemetery in sight!

Being as we are women we pulled over and asked for directions...we were on the right road just had not gone far enough (Duh!) We finally find it with only seconds to spare as they are starting the procession as we arrive...should be no problem but my sister is not there yet! I quickly call her on the phone where she starts screaming at me for not being able to tell her where to go as  I do not know her exact location! Seriously! She is lost and it is my fault, I mean I should always know her exact location and be able to guide her to safety.

We talk her through enough of it to get her there but while waiting for her the procession took off without Mom saw them driving off so my job was to watch where they went while Mom did donuts in her Electric Blue Convertible VW Beetle waiting on my sister to make it up the hill...and when sister finally makes it up the hill, Mom takes off after the others as if we are the lead car at the Daytona 500. She actually hit 60MPH in a cemetery! Her comment "Well I can't hurt anyone they are already dead!".....

I wish that was the end of the story.....but it's not....

More to come,
Tahoe Girl

Monday, February 15, 2010


Today was one of those days...the kind I wish I could erase from my memory cause that would then mean it didn't happen. Nothing monumental even happened it was just my day to be super pissed at the world! And when I say super pissed I mean "i could cry at any moment for no reason I am so pissed". Yep, that is what I do when I get mad, I cry, then I feel better or look stupid depending on who is watching me cry. (Cause once it was my boss cause HR screwed up my paycheck and then went on vacay and I couldnt get it fixed for a week and I was smarter than my boss so I was real pissed!)

Some contributing factors to my super pissed mood could have been the potential for "more snow" (didnt happen) the sick mini (105 fever and no other symptoms) but couldnt go to school), school was out (meaning kids treat adults like idiots for the day) the lack of insurance card so cant take said sick kid to the dr (Titan Boy's company swtiched insurance and we are STILL waiting for cards!) or the simple fact that I was not able to locate a Starbucks between me and the long distance I had to drive to pick up Sassy Tahoe from her friends house! Think that could have done it?

I am also trying to get TONS of new products on the blog/etsy and plan a spring show for a line that is still only in my head...oh and then there are the regular customers I have that I need to take care of (got tons done tonight!)

You would think that the beds I made, dishes I put away or five loads of laundry I did would make me feel better wouldn't ya?

I am still trying to figure out how I worked outside of the house for four years???? I can't even get out of the house these days....everyone always asked me "how do you do it all?" and honest to God, I have NO CLUE! But however I did it, It need to start happening again!

Tahoe Girl

Friday, February 12, 2010

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The more we post about it and comment about it the MORE she will give away!

Hurry, Quick, GO SIGN UP!
Tahoe Girl

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prepare Yourselves...

Today, the most fabulous thing arrived in the mail! No it wasn't my check from Publishers Clearing House, it was the New Spring Catalog from Lands End Kids!

Now normally I just bend down the corners of the page, forget about the catalog and buy crap at the end of the season when its on clearance but then I saw this...

OMG! I almost had a You KNow WHat in the Kitchen!
I SUPER PINK PUFFY HEART THESE SHOES! I used to wear them back in the day when I was young and cute and I LOVED THEM! And it gets even better cause now I can order them for the Mini Tahoes!!!
The biggest is gonna be mad cause the dont come in black (just pink and navy) and they dont have skulls on them and he will have to tie them instead of slip them on but I DONT CARE! I am ordering them NOW!

And I just might get pink and navy for myself!

New Bumper sticker going on the Tahoe in the am..."Will Monogram for Tretorns"....

Happy Preppy Dreams...
Tahoe Girl

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Need a Boat...

If it doesnt stop raining soon I am going to need a boat to get out of my house.

This is getting old real fast!

My brain is starting to feel moldy and the lack of motivation around here is ridiculous!

Please make it stop raining or I am going to see if I can take an Oceanic Flight that will crash into a crazy tropical island somewhere...Whose with me?

Tahoe Girl

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The calm before the storm...

Yesterday I had the privilege of keeping my adorable niece ALL DAY! She is almost three and is the yummiest thing ever!

Only problem, she is super quiet! I am half deaf between ear damage as a kid and having three loud and rowdy kids! She has to think I am crazy cause every time she said something I made her repeat it like 15 times! Then I still pretty much had to guess at what she was saying!

She even spent two hours riding around in the car with me while i taxied kids here and there. Not once did she complain!The day was so peaceful...

Then I picked up Mini#3 from school. Insert tantrums, arguments, fighting here and call it payback for my peaceful quiet day...

Oh well, atleast I didn't have to ask him to repeat himself!
Tahoe Girl

Monday, February 1, 2010


Thank Goodness it's February!

And maybe the kids will actually go to school for more than five minutes!

January is or was the worst...holidays, snow days, sick days and conference week. I swear everytime I got started they were back home messing my day all up....

Time to get more projects done...
Tahoe Girl