Monday, February 15, 2010


Today was one of those days...the kind I wish I could erase from my memory cause that would then mean it didn't happen. Nothing monumental even happened it was just my day to be super pissed at the world! And when I say super pissed I mean "i could cry at any moment for no reason I am so pissed". Yep, that is what I do when I get mad, I cry, then I feel better or look stupid depending on who is watching me cry. (Cause once it was my boss cause HR screwed up my paycheck and then went on vacay and I couldnt get it fixed for a week and I was smarter than my boss so I was real pissed!)

Some contributing factors to my super pissed mood could have been the potential for "more snow" (didnt happen) the sick mini (105 fever and no other symptoms) but couldnt go to school), school was out (meaning kids treat adults like idiots for the day) the lack of insurance card so cant take said sick kid to the dr (Titan Boy's company swtiched insurance and we are STILL waiting for cards!) or the simple fact that I was not able to locate a Starbucks between me and the long distance I had to drive to pick up Sassy Tahoe from her friends house! Think that could have done it?

I am also trying to get TONS of new products on the blog/etsy and plan a spring show for a line that is still only in my head...oh and then there are the regular customers I have that I need to take care of (got tons done tonight!)

You would think that the beds I made, dishes I put away or five loads of laundry I did would make me feel better wouldn't ya?

I am still trying to figure out how I worked outside of the house for four years???? I can't even get out of the house these days....everyone always asked me "how do you do it all?" and honest to God, I have NO CLUE! But however I did it, It need to start happening again!

Tahoe Girl

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Sherrie said...

I always wish for a "do over" on days like that! Hope today goes better for you. We all have those crazy days where nothing seems to go right. Sending you a virtual hug. :)