Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Point it out...

Do any of y'all have a friend or family member that points things out to you at inappropriate times? You know the grandma that points out your roots need to be done in a crowded elevator or a kid who tells you your shirts on backwards while your kissing them goodbye after lunch at know, THAT PERSON!

Today, mine would be Titan Boy!

In the middle of the baseball game he pointed out I had a "goat hair" (You know long hair sticking out off your chin). Not on the way home, not while we were brushing our teeth heading to the middle of the DAMN BASEBALL GAME!

I was then so paranoid I knew everyone was staring at it, I even asked him if he had a bandaid in his truck so I could cover it! I could not believe he did that! I was mortified until I finally got ahold of it and yanked the sucker out!

Really, couldn't he have waited?
Off to wax my entire body as to never be embarrassed again!
Tahoe Girl

Monday, June 28, 2010

Where did it go?

Summer that is...six weeks from today is a school day...crazy isnt it?

As much as I can't wait for school to start I will miss the lazy summer days we have gotten used to!

I guess we better make the best of July and go do some fun stuff!
Tahoe Girl

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Happy Day!

Not only is today Father's Day but it is also my 12th Wedding Anniversary.

12 years ago today I married the best guy in the whole world!

SO Happy Father's Day and Happy Anniversary Titan Boy!

I Love You!
Tahoe Girl

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seems to be a New Issue..

So lately I have been fighting a losing battle with an inanimate object. And of all things, it's my bedside table.

I should have no issues with the darn thing since it has sat next to my bed for fourteen years! I mean seriously, what the heck is going on?

Two weeks ago I went to turn off my alarm clock and knocked my very large glass of water over. Said glass of water spilled everywhere and of course, KILLED THE ALARM CLOCK. I still haven't gotten a new one but that is besides the point.

Two nights ago when I put my book down to drift off to dream land I knocked an entire pile of gummi bears (yes, i know they are bad but no judging) on the floor. Or so I thought, I mean they were everywhere on the floor so that had to be all of them right?

Wrong, the next morning after I staggered out of bed and headed to the bathroom, Titan Boy has this look on his face like someone just slapped him. I just ignored him and kept going until he says "What's all over you?" I have been asleep how the heck do I know?

Yep, you guessed it! There were gummi bears stuck to my face and pajamas. I think they were even in my hair! And since I get closer to forty everyday, I sweat ALOT in my sleep so you can only imagine the little sticky blobs they had turned into! I was so ticked off I couldn't even laugh...what a waste of my smuggled German gummi bears! (More on that later)

I guess at this point it's Table 1, Tahoe Girl 0.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Crazy Summer....

Every summer I say I am going to get all this stuff done and then before I know it summer is over and I have not accomlished a damn thing!

This summer I vow to be different.

This summer I will get my list done!

So far I have completely redone Mini#1's room and cleaned it out! (Yuck!) My dining room looks like a dining room and has for more than a week. I completely cleared the backyard of five years worth of neglect! The screened in porch is clean and we have used it. Oh and my car can be parked in the garage!

That's a great start but I have pledged to purge this house of all the stuff in it we don't use. I will have a garage sale at some point but first.....I am cleaning out the studio and everything left in it HAS TO GO! Time to get ready for the Back to School and Holiday seasons so I am clearing out the shelves!

Shortly you will find some great deals on The Monogrammed Marketplace's blog! And I mean some great deals! Then after I get it all cleaned out around here you will see a blog makeover and a BRAND NEW WEBSITE! Oh, I cannot wait!


Off to get started!
Tahoe Girl

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer is here...

...which means I am overrun with kids screaming "i'm hungry or thirsty or bored or TAKE ME TO THE POOL!"

Y'all this is my first summer as a work at home mom in five years! (Yes, i miss the full time nanny in case you were wondering) but I am sure I will survive...

I just may not be any fun again til August 5th when school starts!
Tahoe Girl