Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Crazy Summer....

Every summer I say I am going to get all this stuff done and then before I know it summer is over and I have not accomlished a damn thing!

This summer I vow to be different.

This summer I will get my list done!

So far I have completely redone Mini#1's room and cleaned it out! (Yuck!) My dining room looks like a dining room and has for more than a week. I completely cleared the backyard of five years worth of neglect! The screened in porch is clean and we have used it. Oh and my car can be parked in the garage!

That's a great start but I have pledged to purge this house of all the stuff in it we don't use. I will have a garage sale at some point but first.....I am cleaning out the studio and everything left in it HAS TO GO! Time to get ready for the Back to School and Holiday seasons so I am clearing out the shelves!

Shortly you will find some great deals on The Monogrammed Marketplace's blog! And I mean some great deals! Then after I get it all cleaned out around here you will see a blog makeover and a BRAND NEW WEBSITE! Oh, I cannot wait!


Off to get started!
Tahoe Girl


Kristen said...

I do the same thing!

mFw said...

That is so impressive! You've gotten tons done! I sent you an email with my order for Mongrammed Marketplace clearance!

sunshine and snoopy said...

Let me know when you are having your yard sale...I am so there.