Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Makeovers Pre-K Style....

Sassy Mini Tahoe Strikes again! Only this time it was at school!

Yesterday I get a note home saying "Sassy Tahoe needs to leave the nail polish and makeup at home". Umm Okay?

So the investigation begins....

Here is how the conversation went down...

TG: Sassy did you take something to school today that you were not supposed to?
ST: (Big SMile) No mommy, why do you ask?
TG: Really, nothing?
ST: Oh, you mean my makeup and nail polish?
TG: Yes, that is exactly what I mean. You know that you can only play with that at home when mommy is watching.
ST: I know but we opened a salon at school and those girls needed makeovers!

SO this morning I go to school with her to remove the "contraband" and ask the teacher all the details. (Making sure she knows I did not let her bring it to school.)

Turns out she had quite a list of clients waiting in line at her salon! They all had makeovers, complete with blue glitter eye shadow, and manicures.

Now I dont know if you have ever had a manicure via a 5 year old so let's just say they had "pink thumbs!"

Can't wait to hear about todays adventures!
Tahoe Girl

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Top Ten Things I Have Always Wanted To Say To Customers...

1. It's just thread, we are not curing cancer here. Relax!
2. You have bad taste.Those colors are ugly.
3. Yes your item will be ready today. It will be today until midnight tonight and I will have it ready by then.
4. No it's not okay for your child to lick the luvies or "play" with the dolls.
5. No you cannot have your stuff done today. We do not monogram while you wait.
6. No you are not friends with the owner. I have never met you before in my life.
7. We are closed. I am not opening everything back up so you can get "Just One Thing".
8. It is not our fault you misspelled your child's name.
9. We stopped our buy one get one promotion because of cheap ass people like you who bring us dirty pee stained stuff and then bitch about how it turned out.
10. No you cannot have a discount because your rich (or think you are).

Ok, i feel a little better now. I'd feel a wholelotbetter if this damn space bar was not broken on the right side?????

Tahoe Girl

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear Blog,

I am sorry that I have been ignoring you lately. I now you feel like you are not a priority in my life and that is simply not true. I have been busy, very busy. The mini tahoes have had baseball, cub scouts, cheerleading, croup, fevers, rashes, homework, teachers resign, teachers birthdays, and needed clean clothes. Work has been absolutely crazy now that am down to four employees and we won't even talk about Titan Boy.

I know this is no excuse and you deserve to be back at the top of the list. I promise to work harder to keep you up to date on all the happenings at the Tahoe Household. Soon we will be hand in hand again gossiping and sharing all the fun things in life. Please don't turn your back on me. I need you. You keep me sane.

I will be back tomorrow for a visit.

Pinky Swear.

Tahoe Girl

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Plain Crazy

I think hurricanes must churn up all the nastiness in the air and just throw it around cause nothing seems to be going right these days! The kids have been sick, work is super crazy and every customer is just GRUMPY! Even the ones who should be happy are grumpy!

I have an answer to this problem...the government should start putting Zoloft in the water! Then everyone would be happy and all the worlds problems would be fixed! That's all it will take a little "happy water" and we will all be smiley and giggly!

Who should I pitch my idea to first....The President of the US or the President of the Drug Company?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Please stand by for this importance message..

soon this blog will be back to its very funny self.
very soon!