Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Plain Crazy

I think hurricanes must churn up all the nastiness in the air and just throw it around cause nothing seems to be going right these days! The kids have been sick, work is super crazy and every customer is just GRUMPY! Even the ones who should be happy are grumpy!

I have an answer to this problem...the government should start putting Zoloft in the water! Then everyone would be happy and all the worlds problems would be fixed! That's all it will take a little "happy water" and we will all be smiley and giggly!

Who should I pitch my idea to first....The President of the US or the President of the Drug Company?


preppy little dress said...

ha! ha! cute post!

Hillcrest Acres said...

That's so funny you called it "happy water". I refer to it as "happy juice" as in an alcoholic drink. Maybe those grumpy people should have a drink or two. People always seem to lighten up a bit after having a little "happy juice".