Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On My Soap Box

My BFF from childhood is a teacher. I have spent the past couple of days catching up with her and have learned so much I didn't want to know about being a teacher. I guess I knew it was going on but never wanted to admit it....

So here's the scoop, she is a high school teacher in another state. She teaches communication and speech and stuff. Should be pretty straight forward as it is an elective and not a core class right? Wrong! She doesn't give straight out tests, she gives speeches and projects. She gives them plenty of time to prepare and sounds to me like she is pretty laid back about the process.

Last week she assigned a speech due at the end of the week. Everyone was present at the time of assignment. One misses a day of school in the middle due to illness and then shows up unprepared for their speech. She gives them the opportunity to do it but the student refuses cause they were sick. Student gets a zero on speech.End of Story you ask? That would be a big NO!

What do you think happens these days when a student doesn't get their way? You guessed it Mommy and Daddy to the rescue! The students parents call the school and bless out my friend and the principal! My friend stands her ground (as she should) and gets reported to the superintendent for being a bad teacher! UGHHHH I am so mad! Now she will be forced to let the student makeup the assignment. The student wins!

There is no accountability anymore! No one is forced to deal with their actions. This is making me crazy. Why should kids even try when they don't have to cause Daddy can make it all better? Failing is a part of life, not everyone wins the game! It's called reality! And sometimes it sucks! The mini tahoes will not be bailed out when they don't do their homework or turn in a project. I will not harass their teachers into giving them slack when they don't deserve it!

No wonder our world is so screwed up, there is no cause and effect anymore!

Now I feel better,
Tahoe Girl

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Complete Chaos...

In a different life I was completely, anally, retentively organized! Everything was color coded and clean and if you asked me for something I could put my finger on it in a second. These days...NOT.SO.MUCH!

I threaten to get organized everyday. I say I will make everything better. Do you think I have even started? Um. NO! I can shop for organizational supplies, I can plan for organizational weekends, I have a list of things to do that is 15 pages long (and that is just for the house!) I still make no progress!

I think I need the five guys to get the band back together and come help me. You know the ones...The Fab Five from Queer Eye. I know I don't qualify because I am a girl but I think they are the only ones who could help me.

Here is how I think the conversation would go upon their arrival...

Carson: Um Tahoe Girl, you know faded jeans have been out for like years now? And you seem to have an aversion to accessories....are those your only earrings? Oh my, is that a Twilight T-Shirt?
Ted: You feed how many Tahoes in here everyday? I mean I guess anyone can survive on frozen waffles and spaghetti but some want variety. Also, did you know spices and things expire? Honey is not supposed to be solid..
Thom: Ok, the color scheme is good and I love the collages with your family photots (Thanks Lawyers Wife) but let's talk about this sofa. I know leather needs to breathe but 30 stab wounds? And there are enough fruit loops in here to feed a small country!
Jai: I like your choices in books, they seem to be very diverse so let's check your music...Wow! This is gonna need some work...All I could find is Poisons Greatest Hits and Celine Dion..
Kyan: I need your stylists number! Your hair rocks! (Thanks Hair Girl)There is nothing more I can do for you, your fabulous!

Then like magic, my whole world would be transformed by Five Fabulous Guys and I would live happily ever organized, accessoried, after!

I know, I know but a girl can dream!
Tahoe Girl
So I am putting it out there Fab Five, come rescue me!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Thanks to Google Analytics I now know the most popular search words that bring people to my blog. And now that I know this I am passing this tidbit on to you so you don't make the same mistake I did...

The most popular word that brings people to my blog is...(insert drumroll here)


Great, this is just lovely! I blog about this one time and it will stay with me forever! So don't make the same mistake I did, never, ever, blog about herpes in any fashion cause it turns out lots of people google "herpes".

Tahoe Girl

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fishies in Heaven

This past weekend Titan Boy noticed our fish was floating. It was about time as Mini#1 received him for his birthday in 2007. But as usual, we went on about our day and forgot about floating fishie....

Fast forward three days....

I get a text from FabNanny "Did you know the fish is dead?"
UHOH, now that means the kids know. CRAP! I know death is normal and all that but its easier to explain when they are not watching him bob up and down in the aquarium.

I immediately text Titan Boy "Kids know fish is dead. Must deal with NOW!"

So when he gets home from work he gets Mini#1 and they go in the bathroom for the ceremony. At this point he doesn't seem phased by the fish dying so I think this chapter is over. UM. NO.

Mini#1 and I sit down to do his homework. Fractions. He has to draw pictures of whatever the word is and then color part and write what fraction that is. No big deal right? WRONG! First thing to draw. FISH! He immediately bursts into tears! "I Miss My Fish" I of course start laughing! I know that is wrong but I couldn't help it! I mean seriously he hasn't even done anything for that damn fish since he got him!

Tahoe Girl
One Less Pet:)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 at 3

Ok I'm going to lose it one of these days! Having three kids in three schools is going to push me over the edge. Here's my life every morning...and keep in mind I am not a morning person at all! Never have been, never will be...

6:15am first alarm goes off for Mini#1 (I groan)
Titan Boy gets up and gets him started
6:30am Titan boy gets in shower (where he stays for atleast twenty minutes)
7:05am Mini#1's Bus comes (He's normally running to catch it)
7:10am I get Mini#2 up or attempt to which is normally followed by tears
7:20am Try to get Mini#2 downstairs to start eating or whatever (still crying)
Run back up stairs to get Mini #3 up so he can ride with me to take her
7:35am Finally convinced Mini#3 to let me put him down and Mini#2 has normally stopped crying by now, I run up stairs to throw on the closest thing (the parents at her school must think I am the most unattractive human on the planet)
7:40am If we don't leave right now she will be late to school but this is normally the point where she can't find one shoe or her backpack or her clothes itch. UGH!!!
7:59am Finally get Mini#2 to school where she turns into the happiest child ever! (OF course her teachers think she is an angel!)
8:10am Back home and running for the shower. Throw Mini3# in his clothes and put him in front of TV
8:20am Out of shower and digging through laundry baskets trying to find something to wear (more on my fashion issues later)
8:30am Move Mini#3 to downstairs TV so I can dry hair and find my shoes (many days I leave in my slippers)
8:40am til 8:50am Try to convince Mini#3 it's cold so he has to wear a jacket, put dogs away, try and make kitchen look like a bomb DID NOT go off in it! Get in car hopefully with Mini#3 and his backpack with diapers in it
9:15am Mini#3's carpool (normally last)

No wonder I am so tired everyday! It takes 3 HOURS to get 3 Kids to school! No wonder I am such a mess. Please add your two cents on anything that could help with this madness! (Just remember I am not a morning person!)

Tahoe Girl

Monday, January 19, 2009

OK OK OK Already!

I know I am way behind in posting. I am sure 4000 funny and amusing things have happened to me since I last posted but for the life of me I cannot remember any. I have been burying myself in work (maybe that's cause I sent most of my people on "vacation" till this economy turns around)and there is nothing funny there. I have a list of things to do 4000 pages long and don't even know where to begin.

SO help me get out of my slump...tell me something to make me laugh or even just crack a smile! I need some sunshine to brighten my gray winter days and I am sure you have something you can share!!!!

Tahoe Girl

Oh, I remember something....the other night while I was arguing with Mini #1 he called his sister a "jerk" for something she did (or said or lip synced) and the next thing you know Mini#3 runs up to him and punches him and the back and says "No, you da JEWRK". Then he runs down the hall laughing in his rocket ship zip up fleece jammies. Ahh, its so much fun to have little critters running around your house!