Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 at 3

Ok I'm going to lose it one of these days! Having three kids in three schools is going to push me over the edge. Here's my life every morning...and keep in mind I am not a morning person at all! Never have been, never will be...

6:15am first alarm goes off for Mini#1 (I groan)
Titan Boy gets up and gets him started
6:30am Titan boy gets in shower (where he stays for atleast twenty minutes)
7:05am Mini#1's Bus comes (He's normally running to catch it)
7:10am I get Mini#2 up or attempt to which is normally followed by tears
7:20am Try to get Mini#2 downstairs to start eating or whatever (still crying)
Run back up stairs to get Mini #3 up so he can ride with me to take her
7:35am Finally convinced Mini#3 to let me put him down and Mini#2 has normally stopped crying by now, I run up stairs to throw on the closest thing (the parents at her school must think I am the most unattractive human on the planet)
7:40am If we don't leave right now she will be late to school but this is normally the point where she can't find one shoe or her backpack or her clothes itch. UGH!!!
7:59am Finally get Mini#2 to school where she turns into the happiest child ever! (OF course her teachers think she is an angel!)
8:10am Back home and running for the shower. Throw Mini3# in his clothes and put him in front of TV
8:20am Out of shower and digging through laundry baskets trying to find something to wear (more on my fashion issues later)
8:30am Move Mini#3 to downstairs TV so I can dry hair and find my shoes (many days I leave in my slippers)
8:40am til 8:50am Try to convince Mini#3 it's cold so he has to wear a jacket, put dogs away, try and make kitchen look like a bomb DID NOT go off in it! Get in car hopefully with Mini#3 and his backpack with diapers in it
9:15am Mini#3's carpool (normally last)

No wonder I am so tired everyday! It takes 3 HOURS to get 3 Kids to school! No wonder I am such a mess. Please add your two cents on anything that could help with this madness! (Just remember I am not a morning person!)

Tahoe Girl


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

There is no way anyone in our house could ever be dressed & out the door by 7:05, except daddy.

Mornings are awful around here too!

debra said...

I don't know if I can add any advice but I do feel your pain. But I only have one child (1st grader) in one school (no buses though-whose bright idea was that?) So I think you're doing a great job with 3 at 3!

Simply Stitched said...

Yeah Tahoe Girl, your back! And as funny, if not funnier. Am not laughing at your life, LOL b/c I have the same one, minus #3. Don't know how you do it! AM NOT A MORNING PERSON MYSELF, so husband (reluctant at first) drops big girl off at K5 on way to work. I drop off #2 at preschool at 9. Benefits of small town living. NO. ATLANTA. TRAFFIC! (Which is only reason husband takes big girl to school) Had we not moved from ATL, I would also be running around and driving everyone to school like crazy mom. Don't know how to make your morning routine better, seems like you're doing good. FYI, went to WHS with Titan Boy, met you in your shop before you had #3. Keep meaning to email or drop in while in town @ shop talk!