Monday, January 19, 2009

OK OK OK Already!

I know I am way behind in posting. I am sure 4000 funny and amusing things have happened to me since I last posted but for the life of me I cannot remember any. I have been burying myself in work (maybe that's cause I sent most of my people on "vacation" till this economy turns around)and there is nothing funny there. I have a list of things to do 4000 pages long and don't even know where to begin.

SO help me get out of my slump...tell me something to make me laugh or even just crack a smile! I need some sunshine to brighten my gray winter days and I am sure you have something you can share!!!!

Tahoe Girl

Oh, I remember something....the other night while I was arguing with Mini #1 he called his sister a "jerk" for something she did (or said or lip synced) and the next thing you know Mini#3 runs up to him and punches him and the back and says "No, you da JEWRK". Then he runs down the hall laughing in his rocket ship zip up fleece jammies. Ahh, its so much fun to have little critters running around your house!

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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

YAY!!!! Been wondering if the blog was ever getting your attention.

Here's my suggestion. What day this week do you want to hang out? I will come to you and I will bring treats.

You can get some work done, I'll help and I'll have you rolling with laughter.

Sound good?