Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Complete Chaos...

In a different life I was completely, anally, retentively organized! Everything was color coded and clean and if you asked me for something I could put my finger on it in a second. These days...NOT.SO.MUCH!

I threaten to get organized everyday. I say I will make everything better. Do you think I have even started? Um. NO! I can shop for organizational supplies, I can plan for organizational weekends, I have a list of things to do that is 15 pages long (and that is just for the house!) I still make no progress!

I think I need the five guys to get the band back together and come help me. You know the ones...The Fab Five from Queer Eye. I know I don't qualify because I am a girl but I think they are the only ones who could help me.

Here is how I think the conversation would go upon their arrival...

Carson: Um Tahoe Girl, you know faded jeans have been out for like years now? And you seem to have an aversion to accessories....are those your only earrings? Oh my, is that a Twilight T-Shirt?
Ted: You feed how many Tahoes in here everyday? I mean I guess anyone can survive on frozen waffles and spaghetti but some want variety. Also, did you know spices and things expire? Honey is not supposed to be solid..
Thom: Ok, the color scheme is good and I love the collages with your family photots (Thanks Lawyers Wife) but let's talk about this sofa. I know leather needs to breathe but 30 stab wounds? And there are enough fruit loops in here to feed a small country!
Jai: I like your choices in books, they seem to be very diverse so let's check your music...Wow! This is gonna need some work...All I could find is Poisons Greatest Hits and Celine Dion..
Kyan: I need your stylists number! Your hair rocks! (Thanks Hair Girl)There is nothing more I can do for you, your fabulous!

Then like magic, my whole world would be transformed by Five Fabulous Guys and I would live happily ever organized, accessoried, after!

I know, I know but a girl can dream!
Tahoe Girl
So I am putting it out there Fab Five, come rescue me!


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

If you can talk them into coming to your house, maybe you can send them down I-75 for a stop at my house. Semi-Slacker Mom & the Casa de Clutter need some serious help too!

Cute post! I'm glad you are back to blogging!

Mom on the Run said...

I get them next!

Hair Girl said...

I was getting a little nervous about this post. There is always the Hair guy involved, but great save! You now have great hair that I am sure is no longer "thinning" and infact is getting thicker and growing longer as I type!

Leslie said...

What a great dream!! Do you think you can send them my after you are done? I went in a house one time that had a "mom center" right off the kitchen. It was like a mom office where everything was perfectly placed, color-coded, organized,etc and it had a view of the whole house to keep your eye on everything. It was amazing! It was also a show home and no one actually lived there! :) Just stumbled upon your blog...love it!!