Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flashback to 1988

This afternoon I taught Sassy Tahoe and her friend how to make friendship bracelets. You remember those...all the colors of the floss and the clipboard to hold it still while you tied each knot with enthusiasm. I used to make hundred of those things in colors and patterns. Don't even get me started on the ribbon barrettes I used to make.

But Sassy and her friend got bored 1/2 inch into their bracelets then ran off to do something else.

It was fun to be nostalgic even if only for fifteen minutes!
Tahoe Girl

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We interrupt this broadbast..

For a Public Service Announcement...

If someone emails you a question or request regarding a service you have purchased or an event they are involved in, PLEASE RESPOND. No response leaves them wondering, are you stealing my money and not going to provide the service I paid you not want me at the upcoming event?

I find this situation so frustrating!

Ok, now I feel alittle better!
Tahoe Girl

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hard Work...

When the day comes that you become a parent you are so blindsided by the bliss of that sweet newborn that you never think ahead to the days of adolescence. Babies and toddlers can be a handful and make you want to pull your hair out but they still think you hung the moon because you can make a peanut butter sandwich in the shape of a dinosaur and find their lost blanket.

Fast forward to the year of the "dragon", I mean the 10th year. The year where parents become mean and evil and obviously have nothing better to do than torture their children with horrible things like homework, and teeth brushing. I never thought it would happen to me as i was not going to "be like my mother" and my kids were going to be well behaved and perfect and NEVER say a cross word to anyone including me.

I am sure my mother is laughing hysterically while singing " I told you so!" Why are mothers always right? And how come we don't realize this until we become mothers? Wouldn't it bridge that gap between tweenagers and grown ups if we figured this stuff out at 10?

I love all three of my children with my whole heart and I think that is why it makes me insane when they don't do the "easy" things I ask of them....I am not making them mow the back 40 or clean the horses stalls so is TYING YOUR OWN SHOES WHEN YOUR 10 REALLY THAT MUCH TO ASK? Seriously!!!!

This morning before school did not go well and I am mad at myself for how upset I got at Mini#1. But what are we supposed to do as parents when they didn't come with instructions? There is no troubleshooting guide in the back that explains how to handle issues. If only there was a reboot button or you could "CTRL/ATL/DELETE" and correct the problem. Some days I think animals have it easier....if they step out of line you just nip them and growl and they jump back in line......if only...

So now I sit here second guessing myself since I am now "the mean mom" who obviously plans on torturing her children by making them do their homework today and has "grounded" them from their playdates for bad behavior...

Do you think one day I will get to say "I told you so!" to them like my mother is saying?
Tahoe Girl