Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fishies in Heaven

This past weekend Titan Boy noticed our fish was floating. It was about time as Mini#1 received him for his birthday in 2007. But as usual, we went on about our day and forgot about floating fishie....

Fast forward three days....

I get a text from FabNanny "Did you know the fish is dead?"
UHOH, now that means the kids know. CRAP! I know death is normal and all that but its easier to explain when they are not watching him bob up and down in the aquarium.

I immediately text Titan Boy "Kids know fish is dead. Must deal with NOW!"

So when he gets home from work he gets Mini#1 and they go in the bathroom for the ceremony. At this point he doesn't seem phased by the fish dying so I think this chapter is over. UM. NO.

Mini#1 and I sit down to do his homework. Fractions. He has to draw pictures of whatever the word is and then color part and write what fraction that is. No big deal right? WRONG! First thing to draw. FISH! He immediately bursts into tears! "I Miss My Fish" I of course start laughing! I know that is wrong but I couldn't help it! I mean seriously he hasn't even done anything for that damn fish since he got him!

Tahoe Girl
One Less Pet:)

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