Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Point it out...

Do any of y'all have a friend or family member that points things out to you at inappropriate times? You know the grandma that points out your roots need to be done in a crowded elevator or a kid who tells you your shirts on backwards while your kissing them goodbye after lunch at know, THAT PERSON!

Today, mine would be Titan Boy!

In the middle of the baseball game he pointed out I had a "goat hair" (You know long hair sticking out off your chin). Not on the way home, not while we were brushing our teeth heading to the middle of the DAMN BASEBALL GAME!

I was then so paranoid I knew everyone was staring at it, I even asked him if he had a bandaid in his truck so I could cover it! I could not believe he did that! I was mortified until I finally got ahold of it and yanked the sucker out!

Really, couldn't he have waited?
Off to wax my entire body as to never be embarrassed again!
Tahoe Girl


Sherrie said...

Oh no! I am mortified for you. Damn guys. ;)

Mom of One and Another on the Way said...

Oh my husband just pointed it out to me that I dropped something on my shirt while we were at lunch. Practically brought me to tears right there in Willy's. 8 months pregnant... what does he expect?

Ange said...

haha, this is actually really funny! I think lots of women get self conscious about this! One of my friends only shaved one armpit before...that was weird!!

Anonymous said...

I love this. This is my everyday. My own children point out on a daily basis my flaws.