Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seems to be a New Issue..

So lately I have been fighting a losing battle with an inanimate object. And of all things, it's my bedside table.

I should have no issues with the darn thing since it has sat next to my bed for fourteen years! I mean seriously, what the heck is going on?

Two weeks ago I went to turn off my alarm clock and knocked my very large glass of water over. Said glass of water spilled everywhere and of course, KILLED THE ALARM CLOCK. I still haven't gotten a new one but that is besides the point.

Two nights ago when I put my book down to drift off to dream land I knocked an entire pile of gummi bears (yes, i know they are bad but no judging) on the floor. Or so I thought, I mean they were everywhere on the floor so that had to be all of them right?

Wrong, the next morning after I staggered out of bed and headed to the bathroom, Titan Boy has this look on his face like someone just slapped him. I just ignored him and kept going until he says "What's all over you?" I have been asleep how the heck do I know?

Yep, you guessed it! There were gummi bears stuck to my face and pajamas. I think they were even in my hair! And since I get closer to forty everyday, I sweat ALOT in my sleep so you can only imagine the little sticky blobs they had turned into! I was so ticked off I couldn't even laugh...what a waste of my smuggled German gummi bears! (More on that later)

I guess at this point it's Table 1, Tahoe Girl 0.

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The Major's Wife said...

Ooohhhh how I love my haribos too, nothing better