Thursday, February 25, 2010

Best if by....

I just returned from the horrible chore of grocery shopping. I really do despise grocery shopping.

It takes forever and then I have to unload it (yes, Titan Boy helps!), put it away, clean out fridge/pantry and then cook it, clean up after it etc etc etc etc..

But I obviously have been skipping some of the above steps lately, particularly cleaning out the pantry.

There was some seriously OLD stuff in there! Stuff I didn't even realize went bad!

I mean, who knew that the two cans of Beef Broth should have been used by 12/12/2005? (Not sure what I would even use beef broth for?) Or that crushed pineapple doesn't last forever (exp. 2008)?

One thing is for sure in the Tahoe Household, Mac and Cheese will NEVER expire!

Next up, the spice cabinet!
Tahoe Girl


mFw said...

A couple years ago my mom found bread crumbs that expired in 1992 so don't feel bad.

Sherrie said...

I can top that. The other day I found honey from 2002! We moved into this house in 2004 and how that ever made the trip astounds me (I totally blame my dh;)) Fortunately there was some honey that I could use that I bought recently. Shameful, I know! :)