Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love summer vacation!

I love the fact that I can throw the older two kids outside with the neighbor kids and tell them to play until it's too dark to see!

The reason I needed them outside?....Mother In Law coming over in T-12 hours and I have to clean this S**THOLE up! There is CRAP everywhere! Remember I have been busy at work which means I have not been busy at home!

Funny thing though, she will now be coming every Thursday so I guess every Wednesday night I will be doing the flight of the bumble bee cleaning routine. Which includes dusting, spraying febreeze everywhere and picking up various piles of crap. If your bored and want to come help I'll send you directions!

My evening was topped off with this little cutie from Sassy Tahoe (who was all sweaty from playing outside)....

"Let's see who can get upstairs faster, you or me...and don't gotta get a Hello Kitty banana-daid for my little toe cause I made it bleed playing baseball with the boys!"

Oh how I love summer!
Tahoe Girl


flip flops and pearls said...

HAHA that is too funny!!!
Out of the mouth of babes!

Hope you got everything done that you needed to get done:)

Lis said...

I love summer too!! How cute is that - a banana-daid!!

Good luck with the cleaning!! I am so the same way before my Mom or MIL come over!!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I needed a banana-daid for Ryan, he busted open that knee situation .... again.