Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just Plain Tacky

Ok, I pinky swear that I will not spend the next five days griping about trade show bliss if you just hear me out....
I can tolerate a lot! I am very laid back and easy going, that is until I bust you with your camera phone taking pictures of my merchandise so you can go back and make it your self! Have some damn consideration of all the hours I spend researching and creating these fabulous things! Have some respect for other people and don't be so damn RUDE! And don't look shocked when I politely ask you to delete them! The rules say NO CAMERAS for a reason!

I know that there are no original ideas left, i get that! I, myself, cruise the internet or other people's stuff for inspiration. But i do it with respect for your hard work. I don't take your product, take a picture and then do it myself. That's just TACKY!

Just fake it and request a catalog, that has pictures in it, and then copy me when I'm not looking! At least then I don't know you did it! (But your conscious does!)

A little better now but still pissed!
Tahoe Girl

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Mom on the Run said...

In the words of Stephanie on Full House (yes, my 21 and 19 year olds still watch this everyday).....HOW RUDE!