Sunday, July 6, 2008

Give Me A Cookie!

Tonight Tahoe Girl is beat!

I played "SuperMom" today and spent the whole day with the kids. Just Me!

It started with a trip to Sam's. I know, how exciting, but with 3 kids in tow ya never know how the whole thing is gonna go down.

Then playin some Wii while mini#3 took a quick nap. I am gonna be sore again tomorrow from that WiiFit game I bought but it swears I'll lose weight!

After the clouds passed we were off to the ZOO! I piled them in the Monogrammed Tahoe and off we headed downtown to see the animals. Our zoo is pretty good and since we are members it's cheap entertainment for 2 hours.

There was no one there! We just about had the whole place to ourselves which makes me relieved when i have them all by myself. We saw everything, the animals were all front and center for our viewing pleasure. While this was not mini#3's first visit to the zoo, I think this was the first time he really understood what was happening. In the Gorilla house the momma gorilla came and sat down on the ledge right in front of us (like 2 feet through plexiglass) and ate her snack. He was not real keen on this idea so he tried to hide behind me. He loved the lemurs though and I think I might get him one for his birthday! (just kiddin, I know they are wild animals but they are soo cute and fuzzy!)

The best part was the orangutans. They are always so funny to watch but today was the best. One of the little ones was sitting right at the edge before the "moat" that separates us from them. Being the fun mom that I am I start waving and talking to him like I would any toddler. I was also eating animal crackers. He stares straight out at me and puts his hand out. I look around behind me and then say "Do you want a cookie?" He then nods and puts his hand out again! So at this point how can I refuse? So mini#1 and I start trying to get one across the moat. Turns out if you throw a animal cracker like a frisbee you can get it to go about 12 feet. As soon as it hits the grass he runs and has his snack (after he licks and smells it of course) He then turns and runs up the hill satisfied! The kids thought that was the best part!

We finished seeing all the animals and then headed for the Varsity for dinner. The kids favorite place since they will serve you in the car. Thing hanging on the window and all.

After lots of greasy food we headed home satisfied with our family fun day.

Tonight I will sleep good after seeing the smiles on all three of those little faces!
Tahoe Girl

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