Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th to All!

The Tahoe family spent the morning of the 4th with The Lawyers Wife, Hair Girl and Clemson Girl at a parade! Between us all there were nine kids waving American Flags! Surprisingly no one is missing an eye at this point! Fun was had by all and there was lots to see as it is an election year and everyone was out in FULL force to raise support! Every politician within a ten mile radius was there and they had dragged along all their families and friends too! My favorite part was definitely the Miss "Everythings"! From Tiny Miss State Fair to Big Mrs of the County, they were all there with their parade waves on! Now, I have to say some were perfect at their job but many others missed the memos on how to wave and or dress for this type of event!

After watching most of the parade mini sassy tahoe has decided she wants to be in the parade next year and is ready to hit the pageant circuit if necessary to get her own float in the parade! Oh, this sure sounds like it is going to be lots of fun! Oh, I can't wait! State Fair Pageants here I come! (I know you can hear the excitement in my voice!) She was decked out in full red, white and blue for the event so I am including her pic cause she looked so darn cute!

The afternoon consisted of naps and lounging around, cause since we got up so early to get everyone to the parade on time we were alittle tired. The late afternoon brought swimming at GiGi's and then of course FIREWORKS! GiGi's neighborhood always has a big display on the golf course but one of her neighbors put them to shame this year! He had stuff going on for hours! Big ones, little ones, loud ones and of course some duds but the kids loved it! All of them except mini #3. He was shaking he was scared so bad! When it was all over I turned to him and said "Did you like the fireworks?" Now, he doesn't talk yet cause he is still little but he shook his head so hard to say no that I thought he rattled his own brain!

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy 4th!
Tahoe Girl


Anonymous said...

Those are some cute kids! Glad you guys came to the parade. I have decided that when I no longer coordinate the parade, I want to make up my own pageant title and be in the parade. It could be alot of fun.

Tahoe Girl said...

Girl, mini sassy tahoe is right there with ya! Y'all could be a match set!
Like she could be "Miss High Maintenace!"

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I think you're right with the count of 9 children. It seemed like more...yes?