Friday, July 11, 2008

Crowd Etiquette...

As I get psyched for this weekends gift show I thought I would share some crowd etiquette with you that many people obviously don't know.....

1. Treat pathways, sidewalks, whatever just like you do the road when driving...walk to the right side. DO NOT WALK DOWN THE MIDDLE OF AN AISLE SO THAT YOUR DOUBLE WIDE ARSE BLOCKS THE ENTIRE WAY! Same goes for walking on the left side. Treat it like traffic people.

2. When waiting on an elevator please allow the people on it to get off before you try and get on! DO NOT BLOCK the entrance with your big head and then get mad when the people on it step on you trying to get off. Wait patiently for them to disembark the elevator. NO ONE IS LEAVING WITHOUT YOU. (Another elevator note....DO NOT GET MAD AT PEOPLE IN THE BACK WHO WANT TO GET OFF THE ELEVATOR AND YOU HAVE TO MOVE!)

3. If you are a janitorial worker of a large convention center please be aware of the size of your supplies. You too can block up a walkway with your giant trash thingy if you stop in the middle to chit chat with your fellow workers! And keep in mind that a women with 2 suitcases who just walked 3 city blocks and rode an elevator with grumpy self righteous people does not want to play chicken with you to see who gets out of the way first. I'm only polite to a piont and then I will not so kindly tell you to "Get The F**K Out Of My Way!"

4. As I know it can be difficult to park a large vehicle inside the city limits that doesn't mean that the yellow parking lines do not apply to you! Either learn how to park that land yacht (which yes I drive too but I can not only parallel park the mono tahoe I can turn it into a parking space in one shot!) or take public transportation. (If you are a parking attendant I think you should charge these people double!)

I am sure many more helpful tips will come to me over the next 5 days...I will keep you posted!

Tahoe Girl


Mom on the Run said...

Back a million years ago I used to work for a corporate caterer and we delivered food to some of the clothing showrooms during the mart. OMG, what a nightmare!

My SIL still has credentials to go down there, but I can't take the gift show. I had to do it when I did the Nutcracker gift shop for the ballet guild and I have to say there are more annoying and stupid people per square inch at the gift show than anywhere I've been lately!

Have a great weekend!

Preppy Engineer said...

Have a great trip to market. The Gift Show is always fun...hope to get many orders!

Rph Mommy said...

Amen sister.

Have a great weekend.