Thursday, March 5, 2009

Its Damn Hard!

I never thought it would be easy to be a parent. I know they don't come with instructions but I didn't think it would break my heart and make me fuming mad at the same time!

This time of year everyone is getting spring fever and the activity level around hear soars! And of course, I get busier at work. This means this full time working mom starts to feel like she can't handle it anymore. Trying to juggle all of this makes me feel like I am not doing my job as a mom. Homework doesnt get done til the last minute, snacks get left at home, lunch money accounts go negative, it's just plain crazy! And when the kids melt down cause they are tired or hungry I just want to cry. My heart hurts and I feel like I am doing my kids a disservice by working. But not working is NOT an option. They do like to eat and wear clothes so I have to work. It's that simple.

And I am a completely attentive mom! I never miss a school party, a practice a baseball game. I am always team mom for one kid or another and I get to know their friends etc etc!!!

What I am hoping is I know some of you are past this point in life and maybe you can reassure me that your kids turned out normal! That they didn't end up hating you for working or feel deprived cause their mom didn't "stay at home".

I hope when they are older they will respect the fact that I worked and understand why I did it. Many kids I see have no work ethic anymore and if nothing else, they will see that they have to work hard for what you get!

with a heavy heart,
Tahoe Girl

PS I promise tomorrow I will post something funny, cause there have been some funny things going on around here......


Tickled Pink Talk said...

you certainly are NOT doing your children a disservice by working. you are right, you are showing them your hard work ethic. and you have found work that lets you still be present for them (room parties, team mom etc) That is great. I think a lot of us struggle with this everyday, so don't feel like you are alone in this. I made the choice last spring to stop working for awhile to try to get the house under better control and now I am feeling like I can get back to work a bit, but it is a HARD struggle to balance the way I want to balance...
Ok, this is certainly long enough! ((((((hugs))))))))

Mom on the Run said...

Well, I didn't work when my kids were little, but I can't say it was any better. There were just some things I could not keep up with, like lunch money, snack day, etc. So don't feel bad, it's probably that you have more than one than that you work. When they outnumber you, you just go into survival mode and fight fires as they occur.

Mine have (so far) been fine. Except for the 16 year old. But he's always been a PITA.