Monday, March 16, 2009

His nose is growing...

Littlest Tahoe CANNOT Lie! He is about to turn three and he seems to have discovered how much fun it is to be mischievous. Lately his favorite thing to do is rip out the "pop-ups" in books. This is normally not a big deal, just a mess, until he found Mini#1's new $35 Star Wars pop up book. (side note if you have a star wars fan in your house this book is SOOOO cool!)

He has ripped the top of the ship and separated the Beasts head. Great! Lovely, the best part is he cannot lie about it. When I sat him down to discuss this I asked him if he tore up the book. He immediately says no and then closes his eyes. HE WONT EVEN ATTEMPT TO LOOK ME IN THE FACE! He cannot roll his eyes but he tries really hard and looks everywhere but at me. At the same time he has puckered his lips..half fish face/half pout. He is so cute when he does this that I cannot even attempt to get mad. I just want to grab him up and love all over him.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get mad at this child! He gets away with EVERYTHING!

Do you think he knows this? Has he mastered the art of getting out of trouble already? If so I am SO.SCREWED!

I mean, could YOU get mad at this face?
I just want to kiss that face!
Tahoe Girl