Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm New At This...

So as you can tell my traveling has picked up to a crazy level! I went about 8 years in between airplane trips until April when I have been traveling monthly ever since. So needless to say I had never used a park and ride lot. You know the ones, park, pay a fortune to leave your car and come back when your trip is over. Last time I traveled (pre mini tahoes) you just parked at the airport and walked on in!

So I decide at 4:30am which lot to use and I pull in. I notice the bus sitting up front waiting for the people to get in. I think ohh I can do this! I park my monogrammed tahoe, grab my luggage and start the journey to the bus. As I am walking down my aisle another bus starts coming down the aisle and she is honking at me. I am annoyed but move out of the way thinking that is why she is honking. So I weave through a couple aisles of cars and there she is again honking at me! At this point I am totally annoyed. How rude to honk at someone for walking down the aisles with her big ol suitcase.

SO I finally make it to the bus up front, the driver opens the door and as I am about to board says" I'm out of service, didn't you hear that other bus honking at you? She was trying to pick you up!" I am mortified. I know realize this poor driver has been following me trying to get my attention! SO I stand and wait for her to come back to get me and when she opens the door she says (With a bus full of business men laughing) "Let me guess, you have never done this before!"

Turns out (which I have done everytime since) your supposed to park, grab your luggage and wait by your car until they come around to get you!

See you learn something every day!
Tahoe Girl

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