Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Herpes, Head Lice and a Broken Nose...

Yes, you read it right all three in one day!

Late last night I started noticing something funny in my throat. So after digging under the sink to find a flashlight, into the bathroom I go to investigate. There they were...blisters on one side of my throat and that area where my tonsils used to be. Funny thing, my throat didn't hurt or anything. SO where do I go next? You got it, Google. Big Mistake. If you google blisters in throat the first thing that pops up is HERPES. I'm not talkin canker sore herpes, I'm talkin super cootie HERPES! I am totally freaked at this point. I have been married for 10 years what the F****! I kept thinkin I'm gonna have to go wake up Titan Boy and kick his arse! Then I continue reading further down the list and there are many other options not quite as bad. Like STRESS! I know nothing about stress let me tell you! I call my aunt who is a nurse and confirm my findings much later and after she laughs alot at my freak out over the big H!

So after a crazy busy day I come and ask the kids how Vacation Bible School was. Usual responses, sassy tahoe "I did crafts, learned songs, and made new friends", red headed macho tahoe "I learned nothing and I am never goin back!" The sassy points out that she has some notes from vbs for mom. I'm skimming when I come to the one titled "Head Lice Infestation". Seriously on day 2 of VBS? What? Now I know that getting head lice is part of having kids and doesn't mean your dirty people but I cannot handle this possiblitly. Sassy Tahoe (cause it was in her class) will be wearing a shower cap to VBS for the rest of the week. End of discussion.

And just when I thought the day was coming to a close...Sassy Tahoe is jumping on the furniture when, you guessed it, she falls and lands flat on her nose! All 35 pounds of her on her nose! She's screamin' and I know the blood is comin so I run for a towel. Then I beat on the back door to tell Titan Boy to get in here and run back to access the situation. Her nose is barely bleeding but is three times it's size. Now, she was already blessed with a nose to begin with but now it's much wider and very swollen. One more call to the nurse in the family and off to bed with motrin and an ice pack she goes! (Broken noses are not fixable unless dislocated or cause breathing probs so we have to wait until some swelling goes down to decide the next step. Plus she says it doesn't hurt anymore.) She overhears me say she is probably going to have 2 black eyes tomorrow and stares wide eyed in the mirror. I then spend the next ten minutes explaining what a black eye is and that it's just a bruise not her eyes turning black!

They say things come in threes, so...(I won't say, I don't want to see what's comin next)
Tahoe Girl


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

1. thanks bunches for my FABULOUS surcie!!!!! adore it!

2. lice sucks. Get some tea tree oil from the pharmacy at Target ($4.99) and rub it in her hair...

Mom on the Run said...

J1 got kicked in the nose when she was doing competition cheerleading--I had her best friend's dad look at it (he's an OBGYN, yeah used to looking at the other end, but he was handy) and said the same thing.

She did have a very wide nose and some interesting eye colors for a couple weeks.