Monday, June 9, 2008


OK so we all know there are some crazy customers out there but i got a strange call from one today...
Me: Good Morning M********S.
Customer: My daughter got a gift from there at her baby shower that has this paper that says to bring it back and have it monogrammed.
Me: Yes m'am, just bring the gift and the certificate and we will take care of that for you.
Customer: Ok, how long is your turn around on something like that.
Me: Our current turnaround is one week.
Customer: Ok then I would like to make an appointment for next Tuesday.
Me: (?) Oh no you just need to bring it in and it will be ready the next week.
Customer: No I would like to make an appoinment for next Tuesday so you can monogram it while I wait. I live in (town about 35 minutes away) and I don't want to drive there twice.
Me: (This is new) I'm sorry m'am we don't make appointments and we don't offer our services that way.
Customer: FINE! (Click)

Seriously? We are not a tire shop or doctors office. In three plus years that was a first! She was actually annoyed at the way we do business. I pride myself in making customer service our top priority but not sure I could have made her happy no matter what!

What are your thoughts, had any crazy customer service run ins lately?
Tahoe Girl

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