Friday, June 6, 2008

Maybe, Just Once....

Ok, so the evening of organization with The Lawyers Wife has gotten me soo motivated in every aspect. I have now started tackling projects I have been neglecting at home for a very long time. You know the ones, the pictures that need to be framed, the closets that need organizing. All those projects. No the bad part about those projects is that you have to shop for all the stuff to finish the projects. Well actually that is not the bad part but the fun part! So I spent the afternoon just shopping away! I bought closet stuff and laundry room stuff and of course, MORE WHIM! Seriously, I need a 12 step program to get over this addiction! I believe all of it is almost gone from every big T in the country so there is hope for my Visa bill yet!

But here is my current dilemma...why can't I open a home dec magazine and see any ideas that might actually resemble my house? Just once I would like to open the mag and say "wow! that looks like my living room! I can actually put those inspirations into actions!". But NO, I don't live in that house or have any room like that in my house. I have the house with the three kids and the three dogs and the furniture that has more than 30 stab wounds (that is a story for another day!) I have laundry on the floor cause it won't fit in any size basket and the drawer in the kitchen with all the "STUFF" in it. Who lives in those houses, where do you get one?

SO it should be a busy project filled weekend! Lookout Titan Boy your "Honey Do" list is pretty long!

Tahoe Girl on a Celaning Mission

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