Monday, November 3, 2008

My Turn!!!

Oh yea, it was finally my turn......

No you did not misread that, I got all of them and the attack began early last week.It went a little something like this...

Tuesday: Tahoe Girl wakes up and is freezing cold all day! But no big deal because it was freezing cold outside and the heat isn't working at the store. Titan Boy is out of town so I take some advil and get in bed early to watch tv.

Wednesday: Wake up and throat hurts along with a stiff sore neck, oh and some swollen glands..decide I am not waiting around to get worse so I head to work and then the doctor...Doctor is fabulous and precedes to let me know that I am doomed! Here are my Best/Worst Case Scenarios...

Best Case Scenario: This just turns in to a really bad cold and you feel bad for 3 to 7 days
Worst Case Scenarios (Yes there were 3) 1. This turns into a sinus infection 2. This turns into an ear infection 3. this turns into brochitis

With that knowledge in hand (along with 2 prescriptions) I head home to deal with my lovely health forecast. Take the painkiller Doc gives me and go to bed.

Thursday starts off OK but I have to give myself a peptalk in the driveway just to get the kids to school. As I am leaving to get Sassy to school. Mini#1's school calls and says to come get him he barfed all over the bus! Great, now I need another pep talk cause I am stuck with barf boy all day. I get everyone to their respected place and head to work cause I have serious deadlines that I have to be met. Tell myself as soon as the boxes are sealed I can go put my PJ's on and go to bed. I finally got home at 6:30pm. Thank goodness Titan Boy came home that night! He helped get everyone in the bath or bed and did not bat an eye that I crawled straight on the couch and started to cry! I lost it! Finally I get in the bad...I WILL feel better tomorrow!

Friday: The Plague arrives in full force at 4:10am. I wake up and just fall apart. Everything hurts, bones, muscles, the hair on my head, EVERYTHING!!!!! I cant even think about anything but throwing myself in front of the school bus! I crawl back into bed where I stay until Sunday afternoon. I missed everything, Halloween, Candy, Parties, Pumpkins, but worst of all getting the mini's all ready to trick or treat! Yep, I missed it all! I even had to break down and call my mom to come take care of me. She called the doctor back and then went to get me medicine from the pharmacy (and a strawberry milkshake cause mt throat was so swollen I could not swallow) It was horrible! I don't ever remember being this sick in my whole life!

By Sunday when I wasn't getting better I went back to the doctor. He told me the best way to fix me was to cut my head off! I told you it was bad. Turns out the meds they gave me were not string enough so here's mi diagnosis and the cure....

Diagnosis: Sinus Infection, Double Ear Infection, Upper Resparitory (sp?)Infection, and Tonsillitis even though I have not had tonsils since 1991! The doctor actually said "Oh My" when he saw my throat. Thats not something you want to hear from a doctor, EVER!

The Cure: Stronger Antibiotics, Stronger Pain Killer, Steroids and a Big Shot of Something in the ARSE! (The shot hurt like a son of a bitch)

Now 24 hours after 2nd Doctor's visit. I am cured!!!! Back to normal.Feel Great!

Couldn't we have just done this from the beginning?

Tahoe Girl all drugged up but better!

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Mrs. Newlywed said...

goodness! Please feel better!