Friday, November 21, 2008

I swear I am not vain!

I had the perfect day planned...

it included a 11:45am hair appt to have my hair straightened (I know Hairgirl you didn't want me to do it but I hated my curly hair). The appointment went great until the end when I asked the girl why one side was uneven. Here's how it went from there...

TG: Um, what is up with this side? Why is it so uneven looking?
Stylist: Well it is because it is so thin.
TG: Oh I know my hair has always fine but this seems different.
Stylist: No I said thin, not fine. Your hair is thinning. You need to start using hair growth shampoo etc. to get your hair to stop thinning.
TG: WTF? Seriously (point where I almost start crying)

OK, WTF? My hair is thinning? Like falling out? Now I have to use special shampoos and rub some foam on my hairline? Did I mention I am not even 35?

I am not a vain person. Today I have on NO makeup, sweats and running shoes. But I have to have HAIR! Seriously?

Of course I have made an emergency haircut appt with Hairgirl in an effort to find someway to make it look thicker but now I am all stressed! My great grandma was completely BALD! Her hair slept on the table by her bed next to her teeth. Is that next?

Oh boy! What is Titan Boy gonna think when he wakes up next to a bald girl that used to be his wife?

Tahoe Girl


Mom on the Run said...

Yikes! Well, at least they make rogain in a pretty pink bottle, too.

You may have to stay with curly for volume. Although I feel your pain--mine is super curly. I chemically straightened for a few years, until all my hair broke off at my part--twice.

Back to curly.

Hair Girl said...

I am thinking it might be a copout for either a bad haircut or they over processed your hair and it broke off. I will make everything better, I promise!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

The good news is you're skinny as a minute. Having 0% body fat will make up for the hair situation...the Jane Fonda body is rocking!