Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am on the Bandwagon Now!

So after all the hype I finally broke down and bought the book....yes, Twilight!

OMG! I have never read a book so fast! I ignored many things yesterday to just sit and read. It was amazing! You HAVE to get this book! I cannot wait to read the next three and see the movie!

So what it's a tween book!

I now have Edward Cullen on my mind at ALL TIMES!

Tahoe Girl


The wife said...

I saw the movie Friday and I LOVE EDWARD! I had wanted to read the books before I went, but I couldn't wait to see it. It was a big ole lustfest for me!!

Hair Girl said...

let me borrow it, now that you are finished! I haven't jumped aboard yet.

Mom on the Run said...

The girls both read the book on our vacation....not sure what they thought. J1 said she couldn't figure out what the big deal was, but she tends to only read highbrow stuff (yeah, she scoffs at my cheesy romance novels, so I didn't expect her to think much of it).

Kristy said...

I too jumped on the bandwagon not too long ago and just saw the movie this past weekend! Great books!

April said...

Hi there! Just peeking in on your blog ... I have never read the books, but I saw the movie (I live in Oregon and parts of the movie were filmed here, so my hubby wanted to see it). I am totally into this series now, too! I went to buy the books, but can't get over how thick they are. So, I am eagerly awaiting the next movie. Ha, ha!
Your blog had me laughing ... love your personality! I am a new fan!! :o)

Claire said...

I am so glad you got on the bandwagon. I have not found a series that I loved this much since Harry Potter. I am totally obsessed. I have the soundtrack in my car and classroom. I have all the books and I am about to read them again because nothing else seems to capture my attention right now.

Miss you!