Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh My I am SOOO Behind...

Here is some of the catching up I have to do....

Thank you Pink,Green and Southern for my AWARD! This put a smile on my face this morning!!!! The rules are I have to tell you 6 things that make me happy and tag six blogs as winners!

OK, here goes...
Top Six Things That make Me Happy....
1. My adorable children (adorable when they are not screaming, fighting and buying random things on ebay...tell ya later)
2. Titan Boy's New Wheels on the Titan...(Oh that makes him happy not me oops)
3. All My Smiling Employees showing up for work on time
4. Customers with cash in their pockets to buy stuff in the store!
5. My absentee ballot all done and ready to go in the mail.
6. Oh and shimmer tights and leotards (Curious check out The Lawyer's Wife or Hair Girl for more details)

Ok so maybe these are not all the things that make me happy but the ones on the top of todays list!

Now to Tag 6 Bloggers...*** I will have to get back to this part cause I can't find my list!

Okay, 2nd TAG of the Week...
Mom on the Run tagged me with
"Fourth of Fourth". I pick the 4th picture in the 4th folder, tell you about it and then tag 4 people.

This would be a picture of Titan Boy in our annual Easter Lawn Tractor race at a neighbors house! I couldn't be more proud. We never win the race but we always get Best in Show cause our orange lawn tractor has a hood ornament and lady silhouette stickers on the flaps! WOO HOO!

Now I tag:
Lawyers Wife
Hair Girl
Green Magsterpie

Have fun girls...more catching up tomorrow!
Tahoe Girl

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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

i loved you before the shimmer tights, and I'll love you after them.

PS? I was totally EARLY for work today... smiles!