Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crazy then, Crazier Now

Over the past few months I have been reconnecting with old friends. My best friend from growing up, guy I had a crush on in middle school, youth group friends just to name a few. Now the great thing about this has been the friendships I have rekindled and the new friendships I have made by meeting spouses etc, but some of these people have just lost a few "important" pieces to the puzzle over the years and have gone completely crazy....

For example....
1. Very Cute Guy I had a crush on in High School
Then: Super Bad Boy with a criminal record (nothing really bad just teenager stuff)
Now: Married with a baby and a total jump to the other side with a huge emphasis in religion and clean living with herbs and vitamins

2. Friend from childhood who thinks we all want copies of her "glamour shots".

3. This is my favorite...Youth Group Guy who has always been odd.
Then: Older guy hanging with younger girls to be cool I guess, we just used him for the free rides
Now: Turns out he had a big crush on my dear friend (who is now married and lives in another state) and has recently found her using one of the many internet based profile sites. Anyway, he lives in another country now and is sending her song lyrics and poems, telling her she has screwed his world all up again, comments on all her pictures, etc. etc. Basically he has become a cyber "stalker".

Wanna know the best part?

She doesn't even remember who he is! Yep,she is drawing a total blank! And he wants to know why she won't respond to his emails!!!!

SO have you had any fun meeting up with old friends lately? If so I would love to here about it!
Tahoe Girl


Claire said...

Wow! That friend of yours with the stalker must be super cute. Maybe she should get some glamour shots made! LOL! Love you and I am so glad that I get to talk to you all the time now!!!

Claire said...

Wow. Your friend with the stalker must be super hot! Maybe she should get some glamour shots taken? I love you, Girlie! Glad to talk to you more often these days!

Hair Girl said...

Read my post today! I moved one to the other team!