Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kids and Computers!

So late this afternoon I am helping a customer at the store. Sweet lady. She and I have been working on a project for her bedroom for a couple of weeks now. Anyway, my pocket starts vibrating and I check to make sure its not my children trying to get a hold of me. (please know that I only interrupt a customer if it is my children not just to chit chat on the phone)

Ok so here are the two emails I got...
#1 You Have Won! Ebay Item #1234567 is yours!
#2 Invoice for Ebay Item # 1234567

Ok, I am at work and have not bid on anything on ebay in months. So at first I think it is a scam. I have bought computers and cameras on ebay before but somehow my ship to address was in Malaysia, when I live in GA.

Oh no this was not a mistake or a scam. I am now the proud owner of a Battle Set of Bakugans. If you are lucky enough not to know what those are they are the hottest thing in the world to an 8 year old boy. They also cost $40 on ebay but $20 at Target.

I immediately call home. Get Super Nanny on the phone and find out Mini Tahoe #1 is playing outside but before that he was on the computer. I ask her to put him on the phone....

TG: Mini what were you doing on the computer?
MT#1: Oh playing games and looking up Bakugans. I saw a cool battle pack.
TG: Ugh, did you buy it?
MT#1: NO, how could I do that? I just pushed the arrow button to see more pictures.
TG: Ugh, you bought them. That arrow said "Buy IT Now".
MT#1: OH, um, oh, are they coming in the mail? It's no big deal mom it's only $40.
TG: Do you have $40? Cause that is alot of money.
MT#1: No, but since they are coming anyway can I have them?
TG:?????????? We will talk about it when I get home.
MT#!: OK Mom. I love you!

Great! Turns out my computer saves my ebay passwords, etc and he was able to buy himself some new Bakugans! I emailed the seller hoping to play into his sympathys but somehow I doubt it. What Mini doesn't know is I already bought that set and they are in the dining room drawer to be his next reward for good numbers at school!

The best part of all is when Titan Boy got home he was talking to mini#1 about computer usage etc ...
TB: Mini you need to be very careful when you are on Ebay....
MT#1: Dad what is Ebay?

Guess that answers everything!
Tahoe Girl $40 in the hole

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Anonymous said...

I think I see my future in that story :)