Friday, May 7, 2010

Unexpected Miracles...

Four years ago tonight I did not know that my whole world would be turned upside down in twelve short hours.

Four years ago tonight I was still only the mother or 2.

Four years ago tonight I did not know the biggest miracles can come in the tiniest of packages.

Tomorrow at 11:19am my baby will turn four.

Four years ago tomorrow I was blessed with the biggest miracle. Maxton was born 12 weeks premature weighing only 2.5 lbs.He was tiny and we were so scared for him. How could something that little survive in such a big world? He was screaming his head off when he was born even though they told me he wouldn't be able to breathe. He fought back with everything he had when they tried to do things to him when they said he was too little to fight. They called him a "wimpy white boy".

Well, this is my "wimpy white boy" four years later!

He is perfect in every way!
He is my miracle and reminds me of that everyday!

Happy 4th Birthday Monkey Doodle!
I love you more than I knew I could!


Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday!

Love the curls. :)

sunshine and snoopy said...

That gave me chill bumps. Babies are just stronger than they seem, huh? Happy Birthday Maxton. You are a trooper. So is your mom.