Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Penciled in...

When you have three kids you can't "make plans". I mean, you can, but inevitably something will happen, and you won't be able to attend. What is funny to me is that people don't understand this. They get so pissy when you have to change a lunch date or not attend a baby shower because your kid is throwing up or needs stitches or has a last minute project due. Do they not realize that we would love to have lunch and catch up with a friend over waiting in the ER for hours for a plastic surgeon to put three stitches in the kids forehead? I mean seriously people? Think about it! I would love a pedicure but the three little critters I created always seem to have a crisis when I am heading out the door!

The worst is when your dressed and ready to head to an afternoon of shopping with a girlfriend and the school shows up on your caller ID! The kids all seem to have a "mom is about to have fun without us" radar and they all of a sudden have a stomachache!

So the next time a friend with kids calls to cancel or change your plans go with it and be understanding. Actually you should be grateful it's not you with puke on your shoes! Cause you could be next!

Tahoe Girl


Politics and Pearls said...

I feel the same about our pets (1 dog and 1 cat). As of now they are my children and when one of the little guys are sick I have to change my plans. GET over it. If they are true friends they will understand :)

debra said...

Well said. It's the same for me with only one.