Tuesday, May 18, 2010


No this isn't about the super hot vampires from Twilight! Not that I made a paper countdown chain until the next movie comes out or anything but....

This is about a different kind of bloodsucker..the really gross kind.

Yes, I am talking about ticks....ugh just typing the word grosses me out!

Last week I found one on the dog...then I stepped on one in the downstairs bathroom! That bathroom looked like a crime scene straight out of a CSI episode! OMG it was nasty!

Then the next day I was talking to a client and felt something on the back of my head. Whatever it was wouldn't move. So thinking the kids somehow got gum in my hair I reached under my hair and yanked. Damn if i didn't pull a tick out of MY OWN HEAD! My client just stood there and then started laughing cause I was sooo freaked out.

I am about ready to cut down all the trees around my house and replace the grass with astro turf! I am normally not freaked out by bugs but when they are on me I cannot stand it! YUCK!

I had almost forgotten about it until my client forwarded me an article this morning... on "Safe Tick Removal"...the email only had a short note that read...."Thinking of you..."

Tahoe Girl

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Michelle DiMaio said...

Just watch for the bulls eye rash from lyme disease and get it checked out if you have ANY symptoms! Although I always thought lyme was only up North, it's here, too. If a tick is on you long enough to become well-attached, it is on long enough to transfer the illness. Sorry to be an alarmist, but I learned the hard way :)