Monday, January 18, 2010

She's back....

Susie Homemaker, that is!

There must be something in the air around here cause lately, I have been kicking ass! No not in the literal sense (even though after the week I had last week I would have been surprised!)

Here is a recap of this past weekend...
Saturday....up before 11 (yes that is 11am, I LOVE To SLEEP IN!) made beds, put laundry away, cleaned up and out playroom! (This has been an ongoing project for like 6 months~!) TWO Football games watched!
Sunday...up before 11 (TWICE in one weekend, thats a record!) beds made, living room cleaned out and organized, two more football games watched, grocery list conquered, dinner made, Big Top Cupcake made (more on that tomorrow) and breakfast muffins made. AND I was i bed BEFORE midnight!

I even made dinner tonight after knocking five customers projects off my list, even with two of of three kids at home!

I think I might have a fever or something cause this is NOT normal! (This is more Tahoe Girl PRE kids!)

Clemsongirl keeps asking who I am and what happened to her chaotic, unorganized, take-out ordering friend???

But dear blogger friends don't worry, this can't last long! (even thought Titan Boy PRAYS it does!) I will be crazy again before you know it! (Baseball season is coming, that will throw a wrench into Susie Homemakers plans, it always does!)

Tahoe Girl

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Titan Boy said...

If anyone deserves a high five right now (and a deep tongue kiss), it is Tahoe Girl. She really did all these things this weekend (with my help). It used to take months to get this much work done around the house (unless I was doing it), and here she is tearing through projects like the first year we were married (back when we actually kissed with tongue). So this is my virtual high five (and virtual ass grab) to you Tahoe Girl for such a great effort to bring our home and life up to the standards we have not seen for so long (except if you close your eyes slightly and squint). Thank You, Love You, Wanna be above you!:)