Tuesday, January 26, 2010


If you were hanging out in my kitchen the other night, you might have over heard this...

Tahoe Girl: "Hey Sassy, I still have tons to do before I put you to bed, would you mind reading your brother a book for me?"

Sassy Tahoe: "Um mom, which brother?"

Tahoe Girl: "Your older brother...(VERY sarcastically)"

Sassy Tahoe then gets up and walks around the table to her nine year old brother and in her sweetest voice says "Mini #1 would you like me to read you a book?"

Without missing a beat or looking up from his video game, Mini #1 "No, I am good but thanks!"

Sassy Tahoe "Mom, you didn't really think he would let me read him a book did you? I am going to get Little Tahoe and read him one, he likes it when I read to him."

Girl might be the smartest kid in kindergarten but sometimes she baffles me.....
Either way, mission accomplished!
Tahoe Girl