Monday, August 4, 2008

She's Back!....

Supermom that is! School is just around the corner and I am feeling the summer of takeout and drive thru guilt! Yesterday I worked all day to stock the freezer with healthy meals!

It started with a trip to the store (three mini's in tow as Titan Boy was camping with the guys.) When we got there we found out the playroom was CLOSED! Why on earth would I take three mini's shopping? I tried to get the customer service guy to let them play cashier with him but he said they weren't tall enough to reach the scanner. So down all the aisles we go! Turns out mini #1 is great at chasing mini #3 when he runs off or returning all the items mini# 3 secretly throws in the cart. All he got away with was a box of store brand marshmallow cereal! That's better than when it's just me! I got lots of sympathetic looks from people like "Aww look at the crazy lady with all the kids!" or the giggles from the "grandparent" group. Yeah, they thought to themselves "Payback is a B**ch!" Anyway, $300 later we were headed home with a car full of good stuff!

I spent the rest of the day cooking and prepping! It was great fun actually, helped to make the summer take out guilt go away! We ended up with 8 meals in the freezer and dinner for today ready for the crockpot. Somehow I also got 6 loads of laundry done!

I went to bed feeling satisfied and content that my kids will have a few healthy meals on school nights!

Ahh, the problem is Supermom only comes in spurts and I am sure she is gonna be gone soon. Oh well, she was great while she was here!

Tahoe Girl

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Mom on the Run said...

Wanna come over to my house for awhile?

We're winding down from summer boot camp and getting tired. And we start school TOMORROW.