Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now I have seen everything....

To fix one of my machines that was down a trip to Sears was required. Reluctantly I ran up there and headed straight for the tool section, not one I frequent often.

After finding my metric allen wrenches I head for the checkout (Of course after browsing the clearance Lands End stuff). On my way I overheard this conversation...

"Now that's how you buy something on ebay. You just need to paypal them the money."

I turned around expecting to find employees surfing on the clock and found two elderly gentleman at one of the "shop Sears online" computers. One was teaching the other one how to buy something on ebay and setup a paypal account. It was a riot to see two men in jeans, flannel and suspenders surfing the net at Sears!

What do you think they were buying?
Tahoe Girl


Anonymous said...

Now that's funny! Now that I know where your shop is, I might have to stop by sometime.

skinny fat chick said...

I am far from an ebay novice, but I think I might start using the term "paypal them the money." It's cute. It could catch on!

The whole scene sounds awesome; I love cute old people.