Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well, this is embarrassing.....

I cannot believe it has been a year since I last posted on this blog. Wow. That is just crazy!

I could probably sit here and write a list of excuses as the why i haven't posted but no one want to hear all that. So instead of excuses let's just start over. Begin again.

Hi, I am Catherine! I am the mom to three obnoxious fabulous kids, the oldest is 12 and the youngest is 6 with an almost 9 yr old in the middle. When I started this blog I owned a retail embroidery and gift store but now I work out of the house as these children are quite demanding active. How did I work anywhere else for 5 years? That I will never know the answer to!

I have a website and an etsy store and they both keep me very busy. I love designing and creating. I have become addicted to Pinterest (who hasn't?) and keep getting in trouble with the hubby because I spend too much time "brainstorming" on there. BUT, I do have a room with fabulous curtains, pictures on the wall and flowers in the yard all thanks to "brainstorming" on Pinterest. Oh, and plenty of new recipes in the cookbook! That's not all bad right?

I do have to admit I am VERY NERVOUS about school starting this year! Why? Well, my oldest is heading to Middle School! Ahhh! 6th grade here we come! He is totally psyched and cannot wait to have a locker and change classes and all the fun things that come with middle school but I am scared to death! I am sure you will have to listen to me rant about this on here so be forewarned, it wont be pretty. I am going to be a wreck. He is my oldest and I feel like I make all the mistakes and have to learn the hard way with him. Fingers crossed I don't change my mind and lock him in his room and talk myself into homeschooling him! (ok that's definitely not happening!)

So here we ago again blog, let's try and keep up this time!

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