Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is this a test?

The kids needed and adventure today as I have kept them locked in the house while I try to work so we decided to head off to Costco. Costco is the perfect place to wonder around for hours and they even have free snack while you do it!

We had lunch and wondered up and down every aisle. Exciting right? I know you wish you were me.

Anyway, as we were loading the car up with our haul, I went to put the cart in the cart trolley thingy and noticed a cart in there with purchases still in it. I was parked out of the way so I looked around and there was no one to be seen. Who leaves their purchases in the shopping cart in the cart barn? I mean you have to have pushed it across the parking lot with the stuff in it and then walked away! And then it hit me, I have done that in the past when the kids were screaming, or I was on the phone (I know, I know) or just flat out not paying attention. Hello Mama LaLa land!

I grabbed the kids and we grabbed the cart to push it back into Costco hoping someone would come back and claim their laundry detergent and massive amounts of kleenex. How many people these days would do that? Take time out of their busy day to push it into the store and explain to the manager the details of the cart being full, or how many people would have just grabbed the stuff and thrown in their cars and thought "finders keepers"?

The finders keepers thought never crossed my mind. That might be why I find stuff that belongs to others all the time  in parking lots and grocery carts and at baseball, you get the drift. I believe in karma and temptation. Sometimes the carrot is dangled just to see what you will do with it.

Once, when the oldest was a few weeks old, I found a $100 bill on the floor in Petsmart and I turned it into the teenage manager. My husband was so mad at me because he was convinced the manager would keep it so I should have (we needed the money too!). But the truth was, it wasn't mine.

 Whether you believe in karma or not, I am a "rule follower" and am just not willing to risk what will happen if the "rule" is broken. I hope they find the lady who bought the stuff and she's smiles knowing someone was looking out for her (or him)


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jennifer anderson said...

i found 20 dollars tonight and it turned out ut was my bossess