Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time to confess...

Ok, some of you are going to think I am crazy or a whiny b*itch but I have to confess nonetheless.

My entire life I have heard "Your so skinny" "If I was your size I would wear a bikini everyday" "You must have good genes" etc etc etc etc

SO i have spent the last few years taking advantage of that situation and ladies it has finally caught up with me.

Lately I have realized that my "comfy" jeans are tight and uncomfy. My muffin top has become a "Big Top Cupcake" top! and well there is no chance in hell I am even thinking about bathing suits anytime soon. The truth is I have gained SEVEN pounds in FIVE weeks! SERIOUSLY!

I am also extremely out of shape and am embarrassed to what extreme this has gotten to! I have finally looked my self in the mirror and decided....


So far I have given up Starbucks (1 week in) minimized the amount of Cokes I drink (their stock might drop due to this) started taking vitamins and dragged the treadmill out of storage! (Tonight I ran/walked two miles and didnt keel over, yeah me!)

Now don't go sending me comments with extreme ideas cause those are not gonna happen, I like carbs and sugar and I am still gonna eat them BUT not the same way I used to. I am not gonna swill 800 calories each morning in my coffee (yes I said 800 CALORIES IN MY COFFEE!!!!) and I am gonna get moving!

SO wish me luck and I hope I am not too grumpy while I begin this trek. I have always taken "skinny" for granted and just cause people are a size 6 doesn't mean they are healthy!

Soon to be fitter,
Tahoe Girl


Sherrie said...

Good luck! I definitely need to get myself back on track with healthy eating and exercise.

sunshine and snoopy said...

Well, this totally amazing chick gave me a kick ass stroller, so I have been doing some waling myself. Of course I do bring a coke with me on my walks, gotta stay hydrated, right?? :)

Also, I have never seen you not look great so I kind of don't believe you.

Monograms and Mayhem said...

This post could be mine... Im with you! Skinny clothed, looks totally different than skinny unclothed. I get the same thing all the time. And this winter has totally taken a toll on the skinny. Can't wait to hear progress. Going to check my winter weight now.... yuk!