Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Function Junction

If you could make your house as functional as possible what would you change?

Think about it, we work real hard to make our houses (or living spaces) pretty and attractive to others but is it really functional?

Mine's not.

Here are some things I would do to make the Casa da Tahoe muchmore functional...

1. First, I would have to change the shape to round. With these key things in the middle...ginormous laundry chute that send everything into the laundry room divided by color, person etc. Nect to the laundry chute would be a ginormous trash chute that sent anything I dropped in it straight to the dump! (ok and maybe a donation chute wouldn't be a bad idea either)
2. In the center of all bathrooms and the kitchen would be a pop up tile and hidden underneath would be a hose spicket and a drain. Then you could pop the tile, hook up the hose and wash away the mess at anytime!
3. I would have the LARGEST PANTRY STORAGE ROOM EVER! And it would look something like the last catalog I got from the container store. Everything would be color coded and labeled by Tahoe Family member and the storage space would NEVER run out no matter how much crap we have!
4. And just for me....a padded room.( Also known as a Panic Room) No one would be able to enter but me and it would be the most relaxing place on the planet, built just for me (Since this is a fantasy post we can say that I might kidnap ROBPAT and hide him in there but I digress)
5. Last but not least, on the outside of my house I would install a handle. What would this handle do you ask....when it just gets to be too much I can then go outside and FLUSH! Yep, like a toilet, flush the house and whomever is inside! Then like magic everything would be put away and smell like Pinesol!

That just might be the perfect house....

What would you add?

Tahoe Girl

PS...oh I forgot one thing...a trap door at my front door, the DARN SIGN in our neighborhood says NO SOLICITING!!!!! Maybe a trap door would encourage those pesky salespeople to actually read it cause the large black dog sure don't scare them away!


clemsongirlandthecoach said...


Windows that tinted automatically to keep the glare out of my baby blues when needed.

Self cleaning floors.

HUGE family closet where all clothes are stored...much like the Duggars. No more carrying laundry from room to room to room.

Wall in the said clothing closet for nothing but shoe cubbies. Hundreds of them.

Dog run with paw washer in it.

Front yard and driveways big enough for bike riding, but must have a gate and fence so I don't have to watch them like a hawk.

Elizabeth said...

Haha - this is too funny! I love your list. Wouldn't it be nice if these things existed?!